Balancing continuous transformation and operational excellence

IT professionals are often faced with two conflicting priorities:

Transform the business digitally—and at the same time, maintain operational excellence.  

We help balance the Yin and Yang of IT by working with our clients on their digital transformation initiatives (continuous transformation), and helping them keep their critical IT infrastructure scalable and secure (operational excellence.)

Finding the right balance

The skills and attitudes required to create and maintain this balance are very different.

On the transformation side, we work with our clients by disrupting and advocating for innovation with the introduction of new technologies. On the operational excellence side, we are a cautious, vigilant team, ensuring uninterrupted performance at scale, 24×7, 365 days per year.

Pythian’s services are designed to help businesses adopt and leverage disruptive technologies to accelerate innovation-driven top line growth and efficiences, and improve the bottom line—while protecting highly valuable systems from financial and/or reputational risk.

Learn more about the technologies Pythian uses to achieve business outcomes:

These technologies can often be applied to both transformation and operational excellence projects and can be combined to produce key business objectives such as the 6 listed on the diagram, for example:

  • Transforming to increase the velocity of your software lifecycle
  • Increasing the performance of your systems and therefore your business
  • Build the best foundation for growth with available secure systems
  • Leverage your data for business insights to grow your business
  • Increase the efficiency of your systems to reduce costs

Pythian has the talent to help you transform effectively while ensuring your ongoing operational excellence. From strategy development and executive coaching to full solution implementation and management to staff augmentation, our dedicated professionals possess the perfect mix of technical expertise and real-world experience to help you digitally transform your business today.