Teradata to BigQuery Migration Services

Proven migration methodology + certified Google expertise to get you there faster

It’s time to make the move from your traditional data warehouse. 

For any enterprise looking to migrate its on-premises Teradata warehouse to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), now is a good time to make the move. Google Cloud offers several cost-effective data services and solutions, including Google BigQuery, a fully managed enterprise data warehouse enabling super-fast SQL queries using Google processing power. 

But to successfully migrate to GCP, it’s best to use a tested framework and methodology. Our Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) solution provides just that –it’s a flexible, templated approach to creating modern data platforms that suits the varied needs of our clients.  Kick your Teradata-GCP migration into high gear with Pythian’s proven project experience, world-class migration program, and rock-solid partnership with GCP.

  • plan


    We’ll work with you to review your Teradata-to-GCP migration, then plan and assess your readiness to move workloads from Teradata to GCP. We break your migration down into logical components that explain functional activities along with defining the reference architecture, functional roles, work to be completed, and supporting technologies required.

  • Migrate

    Realize business value faster with our vast experience migrating hundreds of systems to Google BigQuery. Pythian’s seasoned experts don’t just plot out a roadmap and leave you by the roadside: we also help you execute every step of your migration plan with an eye firmly planted on better business outcomes.

  • manage


    We provide continuous transformation and continuous support as your needs evolve. Our decades of experience in managing business-critical systems means your Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) is in good hands – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Your Pythian League

    Your very own Pythian League is comprised of dedicated Google Cloud Platform-certified experts who will help lead your project, including:

    • A project manager: From the outset, your assigned project manager continually ensures your needs are met throughout the entire engagement: setting the schedule, working with the team to define deliverables, and regularly capturing and communicating statuses and actions.
    • A senior data architect: The data architect ensures all requirements are fully understood and scoped, and that both data sources and data access are clearly defined.
    • A team lead: The team lead handpicks your team and manages the work to make sure everything is done well and fully tested.

Real world migrations

Pythian recently helped a global telecommunications equipment vendor migrate their Teradata data warehouse to Google BigQuery, including moving to cloud-native ETL tools, while using SAP BusinessObjects as their preferred analytics and data visualization tool.

Real world migrations

Pythian worked with this major airline to move its Teradata data warehouse to BigQuery, while preserving ETL scripts on Google Compute Engine in anticipation of a future move to Informatica Suite for ETL, governance and master data management.

Real world migrations

A well-known gaming company optimized costs and standardized the experience for all users with help from Pythian. Their migration from Teradata to BigQuery enabled everyone from analysts running everyday queries to engineers requiring a highly performant system.

Migrations are tough. Pythian expertise is tougher.

Pythian’s 20 years in data, Google-certified expertise, and battle-tested migration frameworks provide a guiding light during what can be a difficult and highly technical journey. Our Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) framework focuses on superior business outcomes through best practices, documentation, operation procedures, tools, automation and highly skilled resources.


    Unleash supersonic-speed analytics on a petabyte scale through BigQuery’s unique architecture, capabilities, and Google-driven processing power. Move beyond mundane descriptive analytics to more powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics, known as the “final frontier” of business analytics.


    Focus on innovating instead of maintaining with a fully managed, no-ops data warehouse allowing for better management of expanding data volumes and new data types. Start using BigQuery immediately without worrying about configuring disks, warehouse security, high availability, memory updates, or load balancing.


    Replace expensive CAPEX-based data warehouses with BigQuery’s unique pay-as-you-go approach, which allows effortless scaling up or down while only using the storage and compute power you actually need. BigQuery also charges separately for storage and processing, allowing for better cost optimization.


    There’s no need to forecast and provision storage and compute resources in advance, because BigQuery resources are dynamically allocated based on usage. Every project you run is allocated a default resource amount, with allocation limits dynamically raised or lessened as you scale.


    We help you get the full picture by directly ingesting streaming data with ease. Our Google-certified experts can help you connect to federated (external) data sources such as Google Cloud Bigtable, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Google Drive and others.


    Keep business users happy and effective by taking advantage of BigQuery’s native integrations with world-class and popular third-party reporting and BI providers, such as Tableau, MicroStrategy or Looker.

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