Rob Hamel

Senior Vice President, Customer Service Delivery

Loving data

Rob Hamel

Rob Hamel calls himself a complete and utter data wonk. What better obsession for Pythian’s Vice President of Service Delivery? 

An expert in production engineering and data architecture, Rob was drawn to Pythian 20 years ago by the chance to work on the most difficult data challenges. Pythian’s culture of customer service was also important, and today his team of 220 is focused on delivering ever greater customer value by helping organizations monetize their data. When customers say they see Pythian as a trusted partner that’s changed their business, Rob views it as the ultimate compliment.   

Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Ottawa.   

After data, his second love is woodworking and the collection of century-old tools he inherited from his grandfather, which includes the saw used to build the house he grew up in. That kind of continuity suits Rob, who believes passing on knowledge and expertise must be part of every good leader’s legacy.