The rapid pace of digitization has produced an increasingly competitive marketplace. Customer loyalty is now tied to engaging, user-friendly digital experiences and companies that are unable to quickly and continuously deliver on those expectations are getting left behind. At Pythian, our software velocity solution helps you deliver scalable, world-class customer experiences faster—with reduced risk. We’ll help you adopt continuous delivery methodology, powered by smaller change cycles, rigorous automated testing and operational visibility, allowing you to run more experiments at significantly lower cost.

Solution components

Application modernization and re-architecting

Modernize your legacy applications, converting them from monolithic to cloud-enabled, micro-services using DevOps practices. Re-architect critical applications to take full advantage of the cloud environment and services across the full software stack.

Application lifecycle optimization and modernization

Incorporate DevOps to automate and orchestrate your software life cycle across development, test, integration, release and production. We’ll optimize your use of cloud for rapid development and scalability.

Continuous deployment

We’ll help you implement continuous deployment and integration, automated provisioning, release and configuration management and operational visibility to ensure you have the real-time health and performance information to guarantee high quality in a high velocity release environment.

Application strategy

Develop a business-driven application strategy that supports your corporate objectives and helps you identify which applications to re-platform, re-architect, or retire.

Ongoing operational support

Ensure a cost-effective, scalable, reliable IT system.