How to deliver faster, better software releases with DevOps

On-demand webinar

Duration: 60 min

Technology is one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge. In this recorded webinar, guest speaker Amy DeMartine, Senior Research Analyst at Forrester Research, and Pythian’s Chief Digital Officer, Aaron Lee, offer insights on DevOps and the important role it plays in the race to deliver the best customer experience with faster and better software releases.

This webinar examines:

    • Key factors that are driving the race
    • Why faster software releases lead to better customer experiences
    • How to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition
  • The importance of DevOps and continuous delivery

Aaron Lee
Chief Digital Officer

Aaron brings Aaron Leea unique combination of deep technical knowledge and a practical business orientation to his role as Chief Digital Officer. He is responsible for the team that helps Pythian clients transform their business for successful growth, and he focuses on providing thought, technology and organizational leadership on behalf of Pythian clients.  Aaron came to Pythian by way of Blackbird. Io, acquired in 2014 by Pythian for their full-stack transformation and managed services business. Before, Aaron held increasingly senior roles in companies that include DriveDev, Fatminds and Paypal.  A vocal advocate for aligning technology with business objectives, Aaron is a sought after speaker at many industry events.