Database & Infrastructure Resilience During Covid-19

Helping organizations flatten the IT disruption curve

Covid-19 has created a perfect storm of headwinds (and sometimes even tailwinds) for most organizations. For many, 2020 is no longer about meeting or exceeding quarterly business goals. It’s about surviving in a business landscape that’s suddenly been flipped upside down. But no matter which database and infrastructure issues you’re dealing with, Pythian’s remote, distributed teams of certified experts have got your back, 24/7/365. 

Every situation is different - Find your scenario below and see how Pythian can help.

  • We are in a hiring freeze during Covid-19 and are short-staffed.

    You’re short-staffed and hiring is on hold, but that doesn’t mean your critical IT systems stop running. Pythian’s remote teams can help.

  • We’ve seen an unexpected increase in demand, and our IT systems are overextended.

    Pythian’s experienced global teams help businesses facing unprecedented demand during the Covid-19 crisis scale their IT systems quickly and cost-effectively.

  • My outsourced IT support has been disrupted as they move to work from home.

    Because all Pythian technology experts have worked remotely for decades, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver top-quality services in this new age of social distancing.

  • We need an IT continuity plan, but aren’t sure where to start.

    Pythian's new “DBAs on stand-by” service offers organizations IT continuity in a flexible cost-effective way.

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