Pythian offers service providers a new monitoring tool

Adminiscope, a privileged session management tool, records and monitors all database, server and network activities, protecting the IT infrastructure

NEW YORK — July 23, 2013 — Today Pythian, the global leader in data management consulting and services, launched Adminiscope, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) privileged session management tool for outsourced services companies. Adminiscope is an ideal solution for service providers that remotely access enterprise systems, cloud infrastructures, servers and applications, to monitor and record in real time all activity performed across an IT infrastructure.

Adminiscope offers a simple, easy-to-deploy security gateway between IT service providers and the infrastructure they manage to improve accountability and compliance. All activities that pass through Adminiscope are recorded via video capture. The recordings can be played back to show, down to the keystroke, all work performed on the system, so errors can be quickly identified. Unlike many privileged session management tools, Adminiscope is a cloud solution, so no additional hardware or software is required.

Adminiscope helps service providers earn additional revenue, while improving customer service, and enhancing reliability, security and trust among their customers. The transparent solution safeguards infrastructures from malicious attacks, enhances regulatory compliance and protects service providers from the liability of an error or security breach.

The solution encourages collaboration through commenting and tagging functionalities and video sharing, so users can easily communicate with others that are working on the same system. Adminiscope also lets organizations control access to their entire IT infrastructure through multi-factor authentication using RSATM SecureID tokens. Using unique authentication, organizations can monitor exactly who has logged in to the system and when to improve security and compliance.

“For service providers that are entrusted with broad access to enterprise systems, gaining the confidence and trust of their customers is crucial to ensuring long-standing and profitable customer relationships,” said Paul Vallée, Founder and Executive Chairman of Pythian. “Adminiscope gives organizations that can’t afford the risk of a system malfunction the confidence in knowing their systems are monitored and secure. It offers service providers not only a new revenue stream, but also a way to improve their own accountability and compliance. You can search for a specific event that caused a disruption, and immediately dive deep into the session replay to determine the root cause, whether the issue is one of security, process compliance, human reliability, or human performance. Adminiscope is like the black box for all activity on the backend of an infrastructure—giving service providers a new way to show value and prove credibility among customers.”

Adminiscope is available worldwide and offers secure, redundant connectivity to Pythian’s three data centers in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom to ensure availability and reliability. This also provides flexibility for companies whose regulatory requirements stipulate that data centers remain within a particular geographic location.

Adminiscope is available as a no-cost solution to service providers on a revenue-sharing basis. Adminiscope is also available to Pythian customers and other businesses. Learn more about Adminiscope and other specialized services from Pythian at

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