Pythian moves Ottawa headquarters to accommodate rapid growth

Ottawa, Canada – April 4, 2016 ? Pythian, a global leader in IT transformation and operational excellence, announced today that its global headquarters located in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, has moved to 319 McRae Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.

The Pythian office is in a new building in Westboro, one of Ottawa’s most vibrant, up-and-coming communities. It is home to some of the city’s best restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and other amenities—all within walking distance.

Pythian’s previous office was approximately 28,000 square feet and the new headquarters’ 40,000 square feet, reflects recent and anticipated growth in the coming years.

“There are two reasons why we moved to Westboro. The first reason is that we literally ran out of room at our old location. Even though the majority of Pythian employees work remotely, we wanted to have room for everyone to be able to work in the office,” said CEO Paul Vallée. “There are plenty of hoteling areas for visiting employees and customers, and a lot of meeting rooms for our highly collaborative teams.”

“The second reason is that the company is growing very quickly. We’ve gone from 92 employees in January 2011 to over 410 employees today, and at our current growth rate this number could double within the next 3 years,” added Vallée. “The importance of IT in all businesses continues to grow, and as the experts who can help companies both transform their business digitally and maintain the systems that will power their transformed businesses going forward, Pythian talent is in demand.”

In a time where digital transformation is on everyone’s minds, the ability to use technology to innovate continuously combined with the capability to ensure ongoing operational excellence is critical. Pythian’s elite team of top technical experts work with leading organizations to make them better and faster, enabling them to stay ahead.

About Pythian

Pythian is a global IT services company that helps companies compete by adopting disruptive technologies such as advanced analytics, big data, cloud, databases, DevOps and infrastructure management to advance innovation and increase agility. Specializing in designing, implementing and managing systems that directly contribute to revenue growth and business success, Pythian’s highly skilled technical teams work as an integrated extension of our clients’ organizations to deliver continuous transformation and uninterrupted operational excellence.

Media contact: Lynda Partner,, 613-794-8474