About the Pythia Index

While measuring the percentage of leaders in a company who are women is important, it doesn’t fully capture the extent to which women leaders influence the business. The Pythia Index measures the degree of influence held by women leaders in an organization by calculating the percentage of employees with a woman manager somewhere in their reporting chain. It recognizes that women who have influence over larger numbers of employees have a larger sphere of impact.

Unlike a simple measure of the percentage of leadership positions held by women, it recognizes that women who have influence over larger numbers of employees are more influential than those who have smaller spheres of influence.

The data

Pythian’s Pythia Index: 22.1% (Q3 2020)

  • Women employees at Pythian: 22.1%
  • Women in technical roles: 11.9%
  • Women managers (managing direct reports): 25%
  • Women in leadership (directors and above): 26.9%

Why Pythian believes in the Pythia Index

We believe that the best work is generated by smart, diverse teams—not teams formed around exclusive mono-cultures. We strongly believe that the IT industry can do a better job of attracting, retaining and elevating female talent from the STEM fields and want to contribute to making this happen.

Pythian has 400+ employees in 30+ cities around the world, and we highly value diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.

How Pythian is increasing its Pythia Index

Four key areas of focus that are underway in our action plan:

Talent management practices

Remove barriers to female hiring and career advancement at Pythian.

Education & cultural integration

Educating Pythian employees on subconscious gender bias and ways to eliminate it.


External communications to share information on the Pythia program and attract female talent.

Community engagement

Pythian is a proud supporter of WCT and Technovation.

To get involved contact Lynda Partner, partner@pythian.com.