PostgreSQL Services

Pythian’s Postgres team has extensive experience managing large, distributed data systems, increasing operational efficiencies and securing vital data, on both on-premises and in the cloud

Working alongside your team, or as your team, we will be filling the gaps to not only introduce open-source technologies like Postgres to your environment, but also to effectively operate and maintain them.

We do more than just operations management. Our cloud and data experts work closely with our Postgres teams so we can provide management and consulting services for every use case along your application of database lifecycle.

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    24x7 Management & Remote DBA Services

    We provide ongoing SLA-based operations and production management for Postgres databases and applications

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    Postgres Consulting & Development

    Develop better Postgres solutions faster by accessing our integrated teams of certified Postgres, cloud and data experts and technical consultants

  • Postgres Services for Cloud & On-premises

    Our certified experts can provide deployment, configuration and management of Postgres on premise or on leading cloud platforms

  • Moving your database(s) to the cloud or already there?

    We've partnered with each of the leading cloud vendors so we can provide you with certified cloud and data expertise to extend your on-premise database services into the cloud around the right cloud solutions for each of your unique use cases. See all of our solutions for each of the leading public cloud vendors:

Getting To Know Postgres

With the recent release of Postgres Version 10, this is a great time to get to know the product better. Álvaro joins us to share his thoughts on some of the trends in the database space and when to choose Postgres. We also dive into the top features of the latest Postgres version, as well as conference opportunities to get to know Postgres even better.

Management and Consulting Services for Postgres

Our flexible engagement model and wide range of expertise means you have the support needed to use or explore Postgres for any use case, including cloud, automation and analytics projects. All of our consulting and management services are offered for installations of PostgreSQL.

  • Managed Services & DBA Support

    From staff augmentation to complete IT outsourcing, extend your team with 24x7 management and DBA services

  • Migrate Postgres to Public Cloud

    Seamlessly migrate your Postgres applications and databases to leading public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle

  • Performance Tuning and Optimization

    Drive efficiency and improve the performance of your application with tuning and optimization support

  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    Mitigate risk and avoid downtime with a proper disaster recovery plan, high availability measures in place and scalability through sharding.

  • Application, BI & ETL Integrations

    Integrate Postgres with your BI and ETL tools to easily turn your data into business insights

  • Postgres Security & Hardening

    Ensure your Postgres applications and databases are highly secure and meeting compliance standards.

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