Pythian’s services are designed to help businesses adopt and leverage disruptive technologies to accelerate innovation-driven top line growth and efficiences, and improve the bottom line—while protecting highly valuable systems from financial and/or reputation risk.

Operational Excellence

Pythian helps organizations plan and implement rapid cycles of IT transformation that drive visible, measurable results.  As technology moves from the back office (e.g. accounting software, inventory management, enterprise resource planning) to customer-facing and revenue-generating systems (e.g. online banking, e-commerce portals, Software-as-a-Service platforms), ensuring the continuous operational success of these systems becomes increasingly vital and directly impacts a company’s top and bottom lines.

Pythian’s core area of expertise in Operational Excellence is in the ongoing maintenance and optimization of IT infrastructure to ensure secure, responsive, reliable and available IT systems, and increasingly to transform these systems for efficiency and cost savings.



High system availability and performance through operational excellence:

  • IT Transformation for efficiency

    Transforming IT systems for efficiency & cost savings

  • IT Maintenance for ongoing operations

    Maintaining secure, responsive, reliable, scalable, and available IT systems for optimal customer experiences


Maintaining secure, responsive, reliable, scalable and available IT systems are critical to ensure an uninterrupted business, and Pythian’s expert teams are masters at doing exactly that. Our distributed teams work together to provide follow-the-sun support services for over 10,000 systems with particular expertise in the areas of databases, big data and server management – in the cloud or on-premise.  We are especially expert in the management of the databases that power the digital world.


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How Do We Do It?

Pythian’s unique distributed team approach coupled with systems that maximize collaboration and knowledge reuse cost-effectively brings the best talent in the world in support of client systems. We create a shared vision with our clients for ongoing operational excellence with Pythian as a long-term, trusted provider of technical support and transformation services.

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