Marketing Data Platform for Google Cloud

Ignite your data-driven marketing with Pythian + Google Cloud

Today’s marketer needs to reach prospects with relevant, real-time engagement. Achieving this means they need data-driven customer insights, data-informed strategy, intelligent targeting, and powerful activation. We build and manage customized data systems for marketing systems that automate the use of the right data in a timely fashion to deliver insights, actions and even products—not just once but all the time, even as the data changes. You get a customized, fully supported system that will allow you to use your data to drive revenue, deepen customer relationships, and improve the ROI of your marketing programs.

  • unify


    All your marketing and customer data in one place–standardized, integrated, cleaned and analytics-ready for a 360° view of your customers and your programs.

  • analyze


    We help you use BigQuery, Looker, Tableau, Google Data Studio and other tools to create reports and dashboards to gain insights. Predict the future with machine learning and even develop data products.

  • activate


    We use analytics to identify intelligent segments and deliver them to marketing automation platforms or DMPs for activation, so you can create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that deliver relevant experiences to your customers and a better return on investment to you.

  • Luxury fashion house gets deep insights into global sales performance

    When a century-old luxury fashion house, rooted in a tradition of quality, becomes an online retail giant, getting the right results from data requires a new level of complexity. Read our case study to see how Pythian created a global marketing and sales data warehouse.

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Pythian Marketing Data Platform for GC

Google has created some of the most powerful tools for marketing engagement and measurement. Now trust Google Cloud to take your data-driven marketing programs from effective to epic. Pythian can help you put all your customer, marketing and ad data in one place in a clean, unified and consumable format for marketing teams and systems and turns it into insights, dashboards, models and activations.

Get more marketing value from your GC investment

Accelerate time to value using our Marketing Data Platform on Google Cloud. With Pythian and GC, you get more value, much faster, including better marketing insights for improved campaign performance, intelligent segmentation and powerful activation.

We offer:

  • Tailoring for your needs

    No more one-size-fits-all analytics solution. Your Marketing Data Platform is always designed to fit your unique business processes and needs, from the most common to the most complex marketing use cases—from marketing data marts to machine learning models, and everything in between.

  • Ongoing operations

    Poor data quality is a barrier to understanding your customers and creating targeted campaigns to effectively reach them. Our automations and methodologies ensure the quality and trustworthiness of your data.

  • Data integration

    No more data silos! We bring all your data together in one place—and clean it, integrate it, organize it so you get the answers you want. And with its unlimited scalability, you can continue to easily integrate data from any number of sources to serve a range of users and use cases.

  • Data management

    Our data experts take the hard work out of cleaning and organizing data so you get analytics-ready data, integrated on-demand for current and complete insights. From data modeling to data cleaning to data validation, we make your data right and support you throughout your data journey.

  • Automated workflows

    Simplify and automate repetitive tasks and workflows using our proven system that automates processes and applies proven methods to save cost, time and effort. Our decades of experience in managing business-critical systems means your Marketing Data Platform is in good hands—24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

  • Marketing activation

    Provide integrated data to your customer data platform for automatic data-driven media execution. Deliver intelligent data segments to marketing systems like email marketing and ad servers.

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