Rob Tillman

Managing Director

UK & Europe

Transforming Europe

As Managing Director of UK & Europe, Rob Tilman thinks his job is cool. A man who never refuses a challenge, Rob is bringing Pythian to UK and European organizations who understand that data transformation is the foundation of continuous digital transformation.  

It was Pythian’s team-focused culture and devotion to data as transformative that made Pythian Rob’s next career stop.  Rob is committed to ensuring that the investments customers make in data achieve maximize returns. A Formula One fan, Rob likens data to the engine of a race car – it must be measured and improved constantly to win. 

Recreating the very best of Pythian in Europe is the latest in amazing thing in Rob’s amazing career. Starting as a U.S. Naval Aviator, Rob became Aircraft Mission Commander in P3C Orions and also was the Official Spokesperson for the US Navy SEALS. Managing IT services was a major part of Rob’s mandate, and he soon jumped to the private sector, leading digital transformation engagements for Microsoft in Europe as well as Wipro Technology and CSC.  

A keen skier and sailor, Rob once again makes London his home. And while he loves London, his heart will always be in Laguna Beach.