Ian Cascagnette

Chief Financial Officer

Creating value

Ian Cascaganette is that special Chief Financial Officer who believes that creating corporate value means creating value for customers.  

What drew Ian to Pythian six years ago from Deloitte was the opportunity to work in a highly motivated and customer-focused organization where everyone is tasked with optimizing customer experiences and results.  As a financial expert who wanted to make a long-term difference to customers, employees and shareholders, he was excited by the chance to help businesses around the world transform and win in the data economy. Ian thinks that the magic in creating long-lasting sustainable value for everyone is to align Pythian’s strategic goals with those of our customers.   

Ian is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Highest Honours from Carleton University.  When he’s not thinking about creating value, Ian is daydreaming about his future cottage while he and his wife herd his two young children through baseball, swimming and soccer.  He also likes to whack at a golf ball whenever he can.