At Pythian, we know that technology doesn’t just support business; it makes business happen. This means that your ability to adopt new technologies and be agile is what will differentiate you from your competition. Each member of our consulting group brings a unique fusion of technical expertise and business acumen: we’re specialists, but in multiple domains. Our team has worked on thousands of systems across industries and technologies. We draw on this experience to help you solve your most complex technical challenges and digitally transform your business.

Pythian's Service Diagram, with Consulting Highlighted

How it works

First we assess your strategic objectives to determine what technologies and systems will help you meet your long-term plans. We start with a thorough evaluation of your environment, including a review of existing strategies, system configurations and technologies. We can conduct the initial consultation either remotely or on-site. Together with your team, we will establish your strategy and roadmap.

Our services

Executive coaching

We review your business strategy, existing resources and technologies and other key readiness factors for IT transformation.

Business case development

We will develop business case(s) as necessary to prioritize objectives with the highest strategic leverage and ROI transformations.

Application and environment assessment

We will assess your current BT environments and assign maturity ratings for the Pythian KPIs on each software product, software lifecycle and related infrastructure.

Strategy development

We help develop your business and technology (BT) goals and desired outcomes for the business — down to the granularity of individual software products.

Roadmap development

We will map your BT goals and outcomes to a desired maturity rating for the 5 Pythian, IT-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs): velocity, performance, efficiency (cost), security and availability.