Google Cloud Dataproc is a fully managed Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Pig and Hive service that makes it easy to set up, maintain, manage and administer big data processing in the cloud. With Cloud Dataproc you can create clusters quickly and resize them at any time—from three to hundreds of nodes—so you don’t have to worry about your data pipelines outgrowing your clusters. Cloud Dataproc integrates across Google Cloud Platform products, giving you a powerful and complete data processing platform. Read our related blog post. The Spark and Hadoop ecosystem provides tools, libraries and documentation that you can leverage with Cloud Dataproc. By offering frequently updated and native versions of Spark, Hadoop, Pig and Hive, you can get started without needing to learn new tools or APIs, and you can move existing projects or ETL pipelines without redevelopment. Benefits of Google Cloud Dataproc versus rolling your own Hadoop and Spark infrastructure:

  • Based on open source ecosystem
  • Fast and scalable data processing – it takes less than 90 seconds to start a cluster
  • Affordable pricing with “by the minute” billing and lower-cost preemptible instances
  • Integration across Google Cloud Platform products
  • Resizable clusters
  • Frequent patching and updates
  • Automated cluster management and configuration
  • Integrated monitoring and alerts

Realize the full potential of this powerful solution with Pythian, a Premier Google Cloud Platform Services Partner. Pythian provides expert service support for your Google Cloud Dataproc implementation; helping you take full advantage of its features such as pay-per-use billing, painless data integration, scalability and more. Pythian cloud orchestration experts can help you maximize your success with Google Cloud Dataproc by:

  • Providing resources and expertise to build proof of concept
  • Reviewing current needs and helping to plan for the migration
  • Providing help to integrate data and applications
  • Migrating  and optimizing existing ETL and other big data processes
  • Building data processing, analytical and machine learning pipelines
  • Managing and supporting Google Cloud Dataproc clusters

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