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Free your IT.

Empower your users with the business capabilities of Chrome Enterprise deployed by Pythian. Chrome OS, Chrome Browser, and Chrome devices free IT to power your cloud workforce. 

The Pythian Difference

We’re your research lab, your sounding board, and your partner 

At Pythian, we’re passionate about pioneering new technologies and exploring new opportunities with you to work smarter. 

Our focus keeps us sharp

We eat, sleep, and breathe Google

Our Google experts have the knowledge and certifications you can count on

Our team keeps you winning

Leverage hundreds of experts

From installation to analytics to ops, our experts have you covered

Work with established solutions

Get value faster with reduced risk with proven solutions and automations for your Google Enterprise

Get it all with Pythian

Complete solutions, complete service

Whether it’s Google OS, tools, or devices, our one-stop shop has what you need

The benefits of Chrome

Smarter devices.

No upgrades. Interested? 

Work smarter with Chrome, the world’s most popular browser and secure, cloud-connected operating system. Chrome is the foundation for a new generation of modern, cloud-based business technologies that just keep getting smarter. 

Keep up to date with Chrome OS 

Work with the newest technology 

Eliminate costly software or licensing fees with this smart, seamless experience for end-users across multiple devices. Every time you boot up a Chrome device, it downloads the newest OS updates for free.

Stay safe with powerful security 

Widely considered to be the most secure operating system, Google Chrome has security built-in at every level to provide end-to-end protection, securely supporting employees across your enterprise.

Save money with easier management 

Eliminate expenses such as software upgrades, downtime, IT ops, maintenance, and training with an easy-to-manage system that improves over time with less IT maintenance. 

Keep smart with intelligent updates 

Every time you turn on a Chrome device, it checks for system upgrades. That means your Chrome device gets smarter every time you use it. 

Win in the Cloud with
Google Chromebooks

Get up and running in less than 7 seconds

Chromebooks never slow down over time. They only get faster by automatically downloading updates, making your work experience reliable and productive.

Access all your favorite Google tools

Cloud-based productivity tools are built into Chromebooks, so you can access all your information anywhere in seconds.

Feel safe with next-level security

With built-in virus protection and multiple layers of security, you can have peace of mind that your data is secure.

Relax with easy setup

IT administrators can provision new users, set Chromebook device policies, and configure apps by groups or for all users in minutes, a great solution for schools and small to medium-sized businesses.

Leverage modern design features

The Chromebook is ultra-thin and light. It also has a battery that lasts all day, so you don’t have to scout for outlets, making on-the-go work easy.

Know the score with Google TCO Calculator for Enterprise

See how Chromebooks can help lower costs, simplify operations, and reduce security risks, downtime, and lost productivity over a 3-year period. 

This calculator is designed to help you estimate the full scope of the costs and benefits of switching from Windows-based devices to Google Chromebooks. The calculation is based on a detailed Economic Value Validation developed by ESG, a third-party firm providing market intelligence services to the IT community. 

Simplify your life with Chrome Device Management

  • Simplify management for 10 or 10,000 devices
    Provision, configure, and manage Chrome devices across the enterprise from one central location, and easily manage a single user, group, or the entire company in minutes. 
  • Manage access for ultimate control
    Regulate who can log into company devices. Disable guest mode, external users, or create various levels of access for guest accounts, and easily blacklist, whitelist, or pre-install apps, URLs, or extensions.
  • Manage devices company-wide
    Configure devices to each department’s or employee’s specifications, while staying within overall compliance standards. Customize your devices to meet each team’s specific needs.
  • Manage the user experience with customizable features
    You’re in control of the user experience as you install or update apps, bookmarks, or settings centrally across all devices for brand standards, kiosks, and shared work stations. 

Keep productive with Grab and Go

With the Google Grab and Go program, your users can quickly and easily self-checkout loaner Chromebooks for immediate use. Whether your users’ machines are lost, broken, stolen, or they simply need loaners for a day, you’ll keep them productive with a Chromebook on hand, and IT support happy. 

As easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Grab

    Your employees grab Chromebooks from the shelf when they need it. 

  2. Go 

    They sign into their profile and get to work, extending the device’s loan time if necessary. 

  3. Return

    When it’s due, they put the Chromebook back on the shelf and plug it in. 

Google tested;
cloud worker approved

Pythian’s team of certified Chrome and Google Cloud engineers can quickly deploy the Grab and Go loaner app in your environment, including customizing and deploying the app, Chrome administration, and loaner console training. 

  • Customize and Deploy App Engine Project 
  • Configure and Deploy Grab and Go Chrome Extension 
  • Configure Google Chrome Domain and Org Unit Structure 
  • Device Enrollment & License Management Session 
  • Training on Admin Console 
  • Training on Loaner Console 

Keep productive with Google Meet Hardware

Start your session with the click of a button with Chromebox for meetings, a complete conferencing solution for real-time collaboration. 

Connect and go 

Connect up to 25 (50 with Google Workspace Enterprise) conference rooms or individuals instantly, no code required.  

Share in an instant, edit in real-time 

Collaborate in real-time during your conference with shared documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and more. 

No maintenance required 

Like all Chrome products, Chromebox for meetings automatically updates the most current features. New fixes and around-the-clock support from Google are included. 

Google Meet Hardware Kit 

  • Asus Chromebox 2 – Powered by a 5th generation Intel Core i7 Processor with 4GB Memory 
  • Speaker/mic – Crystal clear 360° sound input/output up to 20ft, active echo cancellation and background noise management 
  • Controller – 10.1”, 1280×800 touch display with HDMI for full HD presenting from computer 
  • Camera – 4k Image Sensor, 120° wide field of view camera with intelligent participant detection and auto-zoom/cropping 

Google Meet Hardware Kit Large

  • Asus Chromebox 2 – Powered by a 5th generation Intel Core i7 Processor with 4GB Memory 
  • Speaker/mic – Crystal clear 360° sound input/output up to 20ft, active echo cancellation and background noise management 
  • Controller – 10.1”, 1280×800 touch display with HDMI for full HD presenting from computer 
  • Upgraded Swivel Camera – Logitech PTZ Pro 2 camera makes light work of capturing great visuals in large spaces with the ability to mechanically pan and tilt. Plus, it’s always improving with automatic firmware updates 

Customer Success Story

QAD reduces downtime with Chrome Enterprise Grab and Go

QAD was experiencing serious downtime due to a lack of IT resources for its 31 offices around the world. Agosto, a Pythian company, helped QAD “go Google” by implementing Chrome Enterprise tools to support their dynamic team. 

Read the full story

Pythian Services

Google Chrome Enterprise Jumpstart Packages

With Jumpstart, Pythian’s team of Google certified Chrome Enterprise engineers will not only help validate each of your use cases but will also assist with integrating Chrome Enterprise into your current desktop infrastructure. 

Pilot/POC Planning 

Think ahead with solution vision and pilot/POC planning prise into your current desktop infrastructure.

  • Identify and define the specific use case(s) and requirements for your pilot 
  • Define high-level technical requirements and identify blockers or watchpoints
  • Identify success criteria and project objectives 
  • Pilot project scoping and SOW creation 

Pilot/POC configuration
and testing 

Here are a few of the common items we cover with customers in this phase. 

Introduce a powerful Identity solution 

Pythian will assist with mapping Google Identity accounts directly to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or AD and, if appropriate, Pythian’s Chrome Enterprise engineers will assist with the integration of an SSO solution into your Chrome Enterprise environment. 

Integrate your network and network certificates 

If you utilize user, server, and/or client certificates allowing users to connect securely to 802.1x wireless, VPN, secure servers, or applications, Pythian can assist with the integration of Chrome Enterprise and your Certificate Authorities, Root CA, or Intermediate CA. 

Ensure consistency with policy configuration 

Pythian’s Chrome engineers will assist with the policy configuration of each use case to ensure correct user experience and best practises for security, integration, software updates, and more. 

Get trained on admin change management 

Chrome Enterprise is easy to manage in an enterprise environment, but still may be a new process for your teams. Our extensive Chrome Enterprise admin training ensures your teams stay on top. 

Tighten it up with testing 

Finally, we give your users a chance to test out Chrome devices in each use case, while we collect feedback and make any policy tweaks required to tighten up any final items. 

Review & full deployment

Make it real with full roll-out.

  • Review the original success criteria and project objectives to ensure completion 
  • Plan and conduct deployment for the full rollout  
  • Pythian will continue to provide ongoing support for all Chrome Enterprise license customers

Our Jumpstart plans fit your needs

Choose from our standard Jumpstart plan (5-week timeframe) or Jumpstart Advanced (6-week timeframe). 

Chrome Pilot

  • Setup Chrome Trial Domain 
  • Admin Panel Training 
  • Device Enrollment & License 
  • Management Session 
  • Chrome Security Overview 
  • Status Calls 
  • QA Sessions 
  • Guided Print Infrastructure Integration 

Use Cases

  • Back Office Workstation 
  • Customer Kiosk 
  • Knowledge Worker 

Active Directory/SSO Setup

  • Directory Sync 
  • SAML Setup (Jumpstart Advanced only) 

Network setup

  • Integration with existing Microsoft Certificate Authority (Jumpstart Advanced only) 

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