Google BigQuery Services

Build a better data warehouse with Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, low-cost enterprise data warehouse that helps data analysts become more productive. It enables extremely fast analytics on a petabyte-scale. Its pay-as-you-go model makes it attractive for organizations looking to move away from a CAPEX-based model for data warehousing. 

Whether you have a team of data warehouse experts or need to empower business users with insights to drive business decisions, Pythian experts can get you there faster. We specialize in helping you migrate data warehouses from traditional on-premises environments to cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) while ensuring the optimal performance of your data. Our Google Cloud-certified experts help you get the insights you need from BigQuery, beginning with a plan that is focussed on your business requirements then we provide the services you need, when you need them—from implementation to 24×7 management, to data modeling to visualizations using tools like Looker and Tableau. We can also build out your data platform to enable sophisticated use cases including data science, machine learning and AI. 

  • plan


    Enjoy the benefits of Google BigQuery sooner with a plan to meet your business goals, then expand without risk. Our position as a trusted Google Cloud partner and approach to implementing and managing Google Cloud environments means lower risks, reduced costs, and maximum performance.

  • Deploy

    We have implemented BigQuery projects for clients time and again. So you can rest assured that we will get your BigQuery deployment right the first time, on time and on budget, all while aligning your data warehouse project with your business goals. This means you can see measurable benefits faster.

  • manage

    Manage and Grow

    We manage your BigQuery environment and ensure it continues to operate reliably. Grow from data warehousing to a true cloud-native data platform on Google Cloud with full multi-source data ingestion and integration, right through to supporting advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.

  • Your Pythian League

    Your very own Pythian League is comprised of dedicated Google Cloud Platform-certified experts who will help lead your project, including:

    • A project manager: From the outset, your assigned project manager continually ensures your needs are met throughout the entire engagement: setting the schedule, working with the team to define deliverables, and regularly capturing and communicating statuses and actions.
    • A senior data architect: The data architect ensures all requirements are fully understood and scoped, and that both data sources and data access are clearly defined.
    • A team lead: The team lead handpicks your team and manages the work to make sure everything is done well and fully tested.

Pythian helps make the Skillz eSports platform more responsive and cost effective with Google BigQuery

Pythian migrated Skillz data warehouse to BigQuery so the company could perform near real-time analytics. With Pythian’s expertise, they migrated quickly and saw benefits within just weeks, including having queries generated from the Skillz gaming application processed in minutes instead of hours. With these faster queries, Skillz can not only customize the player experience but can perform fraud and cheater detection and act on this information immediately.

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