Marketing Data Platform for Google Cloud

Marketing Data Platform for Google Cloud

Your marketing data. At your service.

Access all your clean and consumable customer and marketing data in one place with Pythian Marketing Data Platform for Google Cloud. 

The Pythian Difference

Activate your marketing data with Pythian + Google Cloud

Get data-driven customer insights, data-informed strategy, intelligent targeting, and more with your customized, fully supported system.

Get a 360° view 

Unify your marketing and customer data 

  • Leverage data that’s standardized, integrated, cleaned, and analytics-ready 

Use the right data at the right time 

  • Deliver insights, actions, and products even as your data changes

Get insight for today and tomorrow 

Easily create reports and dashboards

  • Use powerful tools including BigQuery, Looker, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and more

Predict the future 

  • Machine learning gives you insight into what happens next 

Get better ROI and more customer engagement 

Use analytics to identify and activate

  • Hyper-targeted campaigns deliver relevant experiences for them and more return for you

See how Pythian’s Marketing Data Platform for Google Cloud can work for you 

Need to cut through the complexity to get a clearer picture of your omnichannel marketing and sales efforts? Our Marketing Data Platform for Google Cloud can get you there. 

Customer Success Story

Luxury fashion house gets deep insights into global sales performance

global luxury fashion house needed to replace a 100-hour per month manual process of creating sales reports from multiple internal and external sources, so they turned to Pythian and Google Cloud. 

Read the full story

Pythian Services

Helping you every step of the way

Get more marketing value from your Google Cloud investment using our Marketing Data Platform on Google Cloud.

Get it built for you 

Optimize your unique environment, from the most common to the most complex marketing use cases.

Optimize your ongoing operations

Our automations and methodologies ensure the quality and trustworthiness of your data.

Bring all your data together 

Eliminate data silos with clean, integrated, organized data from any number of sources, with unlimited scalability.

Leverage clean and organized data 

Let our data experts do the hard work, so you get analytics-ready, integrated, on-demand insight.

Automate your workflows

Use our proven systems and methods to automate processes, and save cost, time, and effort. 

Activate your prospects

Automate your data-driven media execution and deliver intelligent data to your marketing systems.


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