Enterprise Data Platform on Google Cloud Platform

Enterprise-wide data integration, processing, management and activation made simple.

No more data silos

For IT and BI leaders, evolving analytics capabilities calls for a new approach. We build modern data warehouses and data lakes on the cloud to enable sophisticated data consumers across the organization now, and into the future. We design, architect, build and support Enterprise Data Platforms on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to enable you to activate ALL your data.

We bring GCP-certified architects, data modelers, ETL programmers, reporting experts and more. Our automated processes and proven methods deliver exceptional outcomes faster.  We take the hard work out of capturing, curating, securing and preparing data for a range of users and systems, and we provide ongoing data management so you can trust your data at scale.

  • design


    Our certified Google architects will assess your unique needs and design a data platform on GCP that makes sense for your business. We know best practices: advising you on when to use Dataflow vs Dataproc or on the best data science and machine learning services for your use case.

  • build


    Benefit from our experiences building hundreds of systems to enable companies to get more from their data. Our proven methods and automated process ensure it’s done right the first time—on time.

  • manage


    Data isn’t static so we’ll support your platform to keep it working, and to keep your data flowing—even as your source schemas change. Our decades of experience in managing business-critical systems means your Enterprise Data Platform is in good hands - 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

  • Get more from your data with GCP

    We help you leverage the power of GCP with our Enterprise Data Platform. From taking advantage of flexible data storage with Google Cloud Storage, to data modeling and transformation, to performing lightning-fast queries with BigQuery, we help you get the most from a range of GCP data services while optimizing both cost and performance.

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Security company turns their data into a product

Pythian helped a leading cybersecurity company create a value-added service using the data collected on each and every cyber attack they avert. Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform became the company’s unified source for clean, organized and integrated data collected from multiple sources as attacks were thwarted, enabling the delivery of customized and detailed threat reports to their customers.

Get better business value by unifying your data on GCP

With hundreds of enterprise-scale data platform implementations under our belts, we know how to turn your business vision into amazing results using your data and our technology expertise.

We offer:

  • Tailoring for your needs

    No more one-size-fits-all business intelligence solutions. Your Enterprise Data Platform is always designed to fit your unique business processes and needs - from batch to streaming, to dashboards to machine learning models, and everything in between.

  • Cost-effective provisioning

    Our infrastructure as code approach means that we can get a data platform up and running in hours, not days or weeks. And our expertise in scaling and optimizing for GCP lets you keep a lid on costs.

  • Data integration

    No more data silos! We ensure your pipelines are provisioned consistently and in a way that ensures monitoring and easy management as you scale. This means you can easily integrate data from any number of sources to serve a range of users and use cases.

  • Data management

    Our data experts take the hard work out of cleaning and organizing data so you get analytics-ready data, integrated on-demand for current and complete insights. From data modeling to data cleaning to data validation, we make your data right and support you throughout your data journey.

  • Automated workflows

    Simplify and automate repetitive tasks and workflows using our proven system that automates processes and applies proven methods to save cost, time and effort.

  • More insights for more users

    Make self-service analytics a reality for business users, power users, and data scientists - from setting up off-the-shelf analytics tools like Tableau and Looker, to creating sandboxes for data scientists, to creating dashboards and stunning visualizations.

  • Fashion house gets a clear picture of sales performance

    When a century-old luxury fashion house, rooted in a tradition of quality, becomes an online retail giant, getting the right results from data takes on requires a new level of complexity. Read our case study to see how Pythian replaced a 100-hour per month manual process of creating sales reports from multiple internal and external sources.

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