EDP Support and Continuous Transformation Services

Pythian’s super flexible cloud platform support and continuous transformation services are like the ultimate service buffet for your business: you can mix and match a blend of different amenities to suit your appetite, while committing only the amount of time you need to get the job done. It’s a smorgasbord of expert assistance and support, tailor made for you.

Your very own quick reaction force

Our teams of DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) experts, data engineers and other industry leaders provide ongoing, 24/7 operational support to deliver on agreed-upon service-level agreements (SLAs) and service-level objectives (SLOs). They can provide round-the-clock, monthly, and quarterly support or consulting assistance, freeing up your team to focus on what really matters – growing your business. 

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    A flexible team

    Pythian senior data engineers, cloud and data architects, and business analysts can facilitate ongoing optimization and transformation assistance, while our data engineers, DevOps and SRE experts provide always-on support. The entire team is coordinated by a project manager who works with you to scope priorities and SLOs/SLAs.

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    A flexible model

    Subscribe to monthly, quarterly, or ongoing services–or a mix of all three–while carefully estimating the amount of time and money required for each, so there are no surprises when the bill comes due. As-needed projects are scoped separately and as required.

  • Expertise you can trust

    Nothing is worse for your users–and your bottom line–than a data platform that constantly breaks or doesn’t perform when required. Our decades of experience managing business-critical systems just like yours ensures your data keeps flowing, even if source schemas or other elements change on the fly.

  • Moving your data warehouse to the cloud or already there?

    We've partnered with each of the leading cloud vendors so we can provide you with certified cloud and data expertise to get your analytic workloads to the cloud for better scalability, efficiency and cost control. See all of our data warehouse service offerings for each of the leading public cloud vendors:

Case Study

Discover why Nordion, a nuclear medicine company, turned to Pythian to ensure constant availability of its mission-critical Oracle systems – freeing up valuable time for system upgrades while saving the company $850k per year in monitoring and support costs.

Your Pythian League

Your very own Pythian League is comprised of dedicated Pythian experts who will help lead your project, including:

  • A project manager: From the outset, your assigned project manager continually ensures your needs are met throughout the entire engagement: setting the schedule, working with the team to define deliverables, and regularly capturing and communicating statuses and actions.
  • A senior data architect: The data architect ensures all requirements are fully understood and scoped, and that both data sources and data access are clearly defined.
  • A team lead: The team lead handpicks your team and manages the work to make sure everything is done well and fully tested.

Learn more about our cloud support and continuous transformation services:

  • Ongoing, 24/7 Support

    Pythian’s data engineers, DevOps and SRE experts are masters of 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and alerting including virtual machine (VM) monitoring; pipelines monitoring and alerting including customized pipeline SLAs; and ongoing, 24/7 security including threat detection monitoring and alerting and periodic security scans.

  • Monthly Management and Optimization

    Whether you need ongoing data management including data quality changes and improvements, system optimizations like data model updates, or cost optimizations such as new service validations and monitoring for underused resources, we’ll work with you to come up with an accurate monthly time and cost estimation while staying flexible enough to change tack on a dime.

  • Quarterly Consulting

    Our senior advisers combine decades of data management experience with cutting-edge know-how to provide strategic consulting services to help you review data platform options, discuss new technologies and methods, and plot out roadmaps that identify your fastest route from A to B at the lowest cost.

  • As-Needed Projects

    Pythian’s as-needed consulting and implementation services are there when you need them, and not a second longer. We can help make sense of software development lifecycle (SDLC) practices including environment definition, testing methods, and technologies; master data management (MDM) best practices; archiving strategies and frameworks; metadata-driven automation; and more.

Speak to one of our certified enterprise data experts