Enterprise Data Platform Services

Harness Pythian’s 20-plus years of data experience, certified expertise in cloud analytics, and tried-and-true methodologies to create a customized, scalable cloud-native data platform on your preferred cloud provider. Enterprise Data Platform works with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or AWS.

You’ve got the data. Let your Pythian Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) team turn it into business value with a cloud-native analytics infrastructure capable of cost-effectively ingesting, integrating, transforming and managing an almost unlimited amount of any type of data. 

We’ll get your Enterprise Data Platform right the first time, on time through proven methodologies and reference architectures, automation and templates–so you can see value from your data faster.

  • better-insights

    Better Insights

    Put your data to work by integrating multiple data types, including streaming and real-time IoT data, from both internal and external sources to quickly enable machine learning, advanced and predictive analytics at scale.

  • cost-effective-scalable

    Cost-Effective and Scalable

    Reduce cost-per-answer and time-to-answer through customized data and specific use cases, all designed to address your immediate analytics requirements with the capability to grow as your needs evolve.

  • analytics


    Automated cloud data integration means your multi-source data is always clean and up-to-date, and provides a single version of the truth for everyone in the organization.

How Enterprise Data Platform works

Pythian’s EDP is a customized end-to-end service that takes the hard work out of data collection, organization, and transformation EDP is cloud-native, using a range of available cloud services to enable capabilities like orchestration, messaging, and reliable real-time analytics. Our expertise, coupled with our tried and tested methodologies and templates helps you get your data platform built in the cloud faster, and with a degree of reliability much higher than if you built it on your own. We not only design and deploy your EDP, but we provide analytics support to accelerate the translation of data into useful information and offer 24/7 ongoing operational support and ongoing feature releases.

  • Moving your data warehouse to the cloud or already there?

    We've partnered with each of the leading cloud vendors so we can provide you with certified cloud and data expertise to get your analytic workloads to the cloud for better scalability, efficiency and cost control. See all of our data warehouse service offerings for each of the leading public cloud vendors:

Case Study

A global entertainment promotional company used Pythian EDP services, integrated with their customer data platform, as the basis for using data to understand their clients well enough to accurately recommend concerts based on purchase history and other preference indicators. This enabled them to fill seats at the last minute before concerts and build on their existing customer loyalty.

Case Study

A global leader in cybersecurity turned to Pythian to build an EDP that turned their data into a value-added service in the form of a customer portal that provided statistics and trends on what cyber attacks were being thwarted by their solution.

Case Study

By using our EDP services, a luxury fashion house was able to get a global view of online and in-store sales to a level of detail never before seen, allowing them to better understand where and how to promote product lines in different markets.

Case Study

A leading designer and manufacturer of some of the world’s most complex and innovative optical, electronic and mechanical products turned to Pythian to migrate from Neteeza to BigQuery, allowing them to take advantage of greater price-performance and flexibility.

Your Pythian League

Your very own Pythian League is comprised of dedicated Pythian experts who will help lead your project, including:

  • A project manager: From the outset, your assigned project manager continually ensures your needs are met throughout the entire engagement: setting the schedule, working with the team to define deliverables, and regularly capturing and communicating statuses and actions.
  • A senior data architect: The data architect ensures all requirements are fully understood and scoped, and that both data sources and data access are clearly defined.
  • A team lead: The team lead handpicks your team and manages the work to make sure everything is done well and fully tested.

The world of possibilities with EDP

Once your EDP is up and running, a world of possibilities opens up with your data. From enabling richer, more relevant and timely reporting, to data science exploration, to machine learning unlocks a full range of new capabilities. EDP opens the door to opportunities beyond reporting and dashboards.

These are just some of the benefits your organization can enjoy with EDP.

  • Self-service: Enable self-service analytics for both technical and business users including visualizations - and supports BYOA (bring your own analytics tools)
  • Integrated data: Remove data silos as users across the organization are always working from a single integrated data hub
  • Scale easily and automatically: Take advantage of the scalability inherent in the top cloud provider services to scale easily and cost-effectively as your needs evolve

Need help taking full advantage of your data? We have services to help you with:

Learn more about our expert data and analytics services

  • Assessments

    Not quite ready to jump in? Pythian’s fixed-price assessment explores use-case priorities along with your current state and future needs, establishing a go-forward plan to get your data working within 90 days.

  • EDP design, implementation & support

    Your new, fully-customized Enterprise Data Platform is designed to blow away data silos and keep information well-organized. We’ll even manage it for you, so you can focus on what matters most: growing the business.

  • Data warehouse migration

    Our seamless, three-step migration program makes moving from on-premise to a cloud EDP a breeze.

  • EDP Kick Start

    If hitting the ground running is your thing, we can set up your EDP with three data sources–along with your first use case data model–in 90 days or less.

  • EDP Proof-of-Concept

    Put us to the test! Find out what you’re missing by using your own data and use case to trial our EDP offering–which can be tailored exactly to your needs at any time.

  • Hourly Consulting

    Pythian consulting services include data strategy, data management, data modeling, data integration, visualization and machine learning.

  • Fashion house using our EDP services

    By using our EDP services, a luxury fashion house was able to get a global view of online and in-store sales to a level of detail never before seen, allowing them to better understand where and how to promote product lines in different markets.

    Read the case study ›

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