Introducing “DBAs on stand-by” service for organizations looking to shore up IT teams with top tier resources in a flexible cost-effective way.

Pythian’s on-call, distributed teams and database experts are your ultimate IT back-up plan – there when you need them, and on stand-by ready to deploy for a minimal fee, when you don’t. Pythian’s 20+ years of expertise with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Hadoop and other technologies, combined with the freedom to cancel with 30 days notice, provides peace of mind in uncertain times. 

Pythian provides business continuity for your critical systems 

Pythian’s remote teams are your safety net for IT continuity. Our remote, expert teams are distributed across the world and available 24/7 to manage, maintain or optimize your database infrastructure – if and when you need them.

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Cost-effective, rapid deployments

Repeatable processes for business continuity

Our results-driven expert teams will learn your environment and then remain available to help at a moment’s notice–if and when you need them. Pythian’s 20+ years of database experience means we’re able to put refined, field-tested processes in place to deal with any contingency. 


Flexible contracts mitigate your risk

Senior talent you can trust

Start working with Pythian risk-free today–our month-to-month contracts ensure you can always increase, reduce or cancel your commitment with only 30 days notice. There’s no need to train or manage Pythian’s expert teams, as they are made up of senior talent who have worked on hundreds of data and infrastructure projects – on-prem and in cloud.


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