Database Migrations

Migrating your databases might sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter where your databases are or where you’re taking them – to the cloud, an on-premise system, or a hybrid deployment.

Cloud Migrations

Should you lift and shift, partially refactor, or completely refactor your apps when porting to the cloud? Our team has migrated hundreds of critical workloads to, from and within public, private and hybrid cloud environments—so we’ve seen your use case before and we have a proven methodology to get you to cloud faster.

Pythian can help you plan and execute your database migration with Cloud technologies like:


  • Azure DB for MariaDB
  • Azure DB for MySQL
  • Azure DB for PostgreSQL


  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • Amazon Elastic Container Amazon RDS


  • Cloud Bigtable
  • Cloud Datastore
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Cloud SQL

Migrating from one database platform to another

Pythian can help with your on-prem database migrations. Our teams provide support for the leading traditional and emerging database technologies. We’ve done Oracle to MySQL, Hadoop to MySQL, Oracle to SQL and more.

Modernize or Upgrade your database

Upgrade to the latest version or migrate from an outdated system or legacy systems to a system that is designed for modern data needs. Pythian can help you with this move.

Learn how Pythian supports these data services technologies:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

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  • Oracle Services

    Oracle Services logo

  • MongoDB

    MongoDB logo

  • Hadoop

    Hadoop logo

  • MySQL

    MySQL logo

  • Cassandra

    Cassandra logo

  • Postgres

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  • Moving your database(s) to the cloud or already there?

    We've partnered with each of the leading cloud vendors so we can provide you with certified cloud and data expertise to extend your on-premise database services into the cloud around the right cloud solutions for each of your unique use cases. See all of our solutions for each of the leading public cloud vendors:

We are a partner, not a vendor

Extend your team with Pythian’s dedicated expert DBA teams, using our risk-free contracts and flexible remote delivery model.

  • An Extension of your team

    No matter where your organization is based, we can bring our experts to work with your team either on-site or remotely using a secure delivery framework, and a highly collaborative partnering approach with transparent processes and up-to-the-minute reporting to ensure you are kept informed about your systems’ health at all times.

  • Deep Data Expertise

    Pythian’s dedicated DBA teams have access to two millennia of combined experience and can address any problem quickly and efficiently. Our breadth of knowledge is available to you today and as you add, retire or migrate your various databases as your organization changes.

  • Risk Free Contracts

    Not only can Pythian get you to your database and business goals faster and with less aggravation, but you can do it on your terms: our flexible, risk free DBA packages and 30-day contracts means you can mix and match services from month to month without worrying about commitment.

  • Worldwide Technology

    Pythian helps World Wide Technology perform a massive database upgrade and save $1. Read the case study to see how WWT’s new architecture delivered increased capacity, improved performance, and faster business processes.

    Read the case study ›

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