Database Managed Services

Pythian’s 24/7 database managed services ensure your critical systems are always secure, available, and optimized to meet the on-demand, real-time needs of the business.

Managing mission-critical systems can be a challenge

With Pythian’s database managed services, our elite teams of DBAs, architects, and engineers will handle the day-to-day operational management of your systems―on-premise or in the cloud. Our dedicated and globally distributed teams mean you can be confident that your enterprise systems are available and high-performing 24/7, freeing up your team to focus on the projects that really matter.

Pythian Remote DBA services-Your Database’s Security Blanket

Take advantage of our combined two millennia of database experience with Pythian’s dedicated, expert DBA teams and secure delivery framework. Prevent costly downtime with proactive expert care from dedicated globally-distributed teams.

Pythian Offers:

  • Full-time monitoring and response
  • High availability
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Corrective actions
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Capacity planning
  • Proactive health checks
  • Performance tuning

Pythian’s customer success team will ensure your needs are met throughout the entire engagement process by understanding requirements setting the schedule, working with the team to define deliverables, and regularly capturing and communicating statuses and actions.

Learn how Pythian supports these data services and cloud technologies:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

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  • Oracle Services

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  • MongoDB

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  • Hadoop

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  • MySQL

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  • Cassandra

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  • Postgres

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Cloud Technologies

  • Moving your database(s) to the cloud or already there?

    We've partnered with each of the leading cloud vendors so we can provide you with certified cloud and data expertise to extend your on-premise database services into the cloud around the right cloud solutions for each of your unique use cases. See all of our solutions for each of the leading public cloud vendors:

We are a partner, not a vendor

Extend your team with Pythian’s dedicated expert DBA teams, using our risk-free contracts and flexible remote delivery model.

  • An Extention of your team

    No matter where your organization is based, we can bring our experts to work with your team either on-site or remotely using a secure delivery framework, and a highly collaborative partnering approach with transparent processes and up-to-the-minute reporting to ensure you are kept informed about your systems’ health at all times.

  • Deep Data Expertise

    Pythian’s dedicated DBA teams have access to two millennia of combined experience and can address any problem quickly and efficiently. Our breadth of knowledge is available to you today and as you add, retire or migrate your various databases as your organization changes

  • Risk Free Contracts

    Not only can Pythian get you to your database and business goals faster and with less aggravation, but you can do it on your terms: our flexible, risk free DBA packages and 30-day contracts means you can mix and match services from month to month without worrying about commitment.

  • Pythian helps Shutterfly roll out a scalable database in the cloud

    Shutterfly needed to develop a cloud-based MySQL back end quickly without disrupting their existing customers. They turned to Pythian’s DevOps and MySQL experts who built, tested, and migrated a scalable cloud environment—ideal for web-scale growth—and significantly improved application stability and flexibility. The solution was delivered on time and successfully supported traffic spikes with no downtime during launch.

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