Offload your data warehouse to Hadoop to improve performance and reduce costs

If you have a growing data warehouse, you may be experiencing:

  • Performance problems resulting from transforming and accessing growing data volumes in the data warehouse
  • Increasing costs of software, hardware and administration time associated with growing amounts of data that must be kept for compliance purposes or historical analysis


The solution

Introduce a big data technology such as Hadoop alongside your data warehouse to help ease pressures on the growing data warehouse and reduce overall costs.   

The outcomes

Reduced costs

Moving inactive, aging or infrequently used data to Hadoop can reduce a) licensing costs as it is open source and b) storage costs as Hadoop’s scaleout model and use of commodity hardware is designed to store massive amounts of data at a fraction of the price of most data warehouses 

Performance improvements

Offloading archival data, data volumes related to aging data and/or log files to Hadoop improves performance of the data warehouse and Hadoop’s distributed processing model makes it an ideal platform for improving ELT performance

Future flexibility

Hadoop’s ability to store large amounts of data including unstructured data gives you options if user demands for accessing more data are part of your future

How Pythian can help

With extensive expertise across the areas of database, infrastructure, big data and cloud, Pythian can develop, implement and support your data warehouse offload solution:

  • Assess if a Hadoop data warehouse strategy is right for you
  • Design your Hadoop-based data warehouse solution
  • Implement or assist in implementation – in the cloud or on-premises
  • Assist with data ingestion and integration
  • Provide ongoing management of the Hadoop environment


Why Pythian

  • Experts in Hadoop since 2013, on-premise and in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • Expertise not just in Hadoop but in the systems you’ll be migrating from
  • Proven methodology for success built upon experience
  • Ongoing 24-7 support services available.

Detailed services


Assess if a Hadoop data warehouse strategy is right for you

  • Identify the root cause of existing issues that can be addressed with a data warehouse offload solution
  • Conduct a thorough data source review and analysis of potential future data growth
  • Identify and quantify opportunities for cost savings and performance improvements

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Design a Hadoop-based data warehouse solution

  • Provide vendor-neutral hardware and technology recommendations
  • Design a solution that addresses cost savings and performance issues
  • Propose an architecture design for data warehouse offload
  • Deliver detailed recommendations and a roadmap for implementation

Implement or assist in implementation

  • Provide advisory and implementation services on Apache Hadoop (as well as Cloudera, MapR, HortonWorks), cloud (AWS, Azure, Google) and database (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Cassandra and more)
  • Install and configure the Hadoop cluster
  • Integrate Hadoop with the existing data warehouse
  • Migrate data from the data warehouse and other sources to Hadoop and/or cloud
  • Create the data pipeline and configure data access
  • Implement security
  • Conduct performance testing

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Provide ongoing management of the Hadoop environment

  • Create a high availability solution and disaster recovery plan
  • Provide 24×7 environment monitoring, problem resolution and escalation
  • Patch selection and installation
  • Proactive health checks and issue resolution
  • Planning and execution of backups, recover and tuning as required
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Security and configuration management

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