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We make your data work for you by applying machine learning and advanced analytics techniques. We know when to use bleeding-edge machine learning methods and when to apply tried-and-true approaches–so you can achieve maximum ROI in the shortest time possible.

Establish Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) tools and practices

Pythian manages unknowns carefully, splitting projects into multiple phases to lessen uncertainty and maximize actionable insights at each stage. Our experts take an entrepreneurial approach to every data science project while applying their combined knowledge of various business domains and  years of advanced mathematics experience, deep machine learning and AI understanding, and advanced analytics skills to solve your most pressing business problems and take advantage of new opportunities. We’re razor-focused on delivering complete AI software and solutions integrated into your business, data and products.

Many of our customers have already made significant investments in data science and lean on our experience bringing data models and early insights to production. We help customers establish Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) tools and practices through the machine learning lifecycle–from consistently tracking experiments, to establishing production data pipelines, to moving models to production, to post-implementation performance monitoring and enhancements.

Moving your data warehouse to the cloud or already there?

We’ve partnered with each of the leading cloud vendors so we can provide you with certified cloud and data expertise to get your analytic workloads to the cloud for better scalability, efficiency and cost control. See all of our data warehouse service offerings for each of the leading public cloud vendors:

  • An iterative approach

    Pythian integrates the design, discovery, and creation process into one continuous, unified cycle, iterating through multiple phases to maximize applicable knowledge and expected ROI. Our robust toolsets easily translate between discovery, proof of concept and implementation, minimizing any technical debt that may arise in shifting from design to implementation.

  • data-science-framework

    A proven data science framework

    We’ll plot an AI opportunities roadmap for your organization by analyzing opportunities from business, machine learning, and data health perspectives within our data sciences framework. We map your business problems and use cases to the most feasible and trainable machine learning solutions possible, while also taking into consideration the quality of available data and its suitability for machine learning applications.

  • mlops-max-agility

    MLOps for maximum agility

    We take a page out of software development best practices to ensure machine learning solutions are always closely aligned with business objectives. Our operations team maintains your production environment to keep it secure, available, and performing at scale by optimizing the machine learning lifecycle towards automation, continuous delivery, and continuous integration.

Pythian creates AI opportunity roadmap to help ECB effectively analyze cricket footage on Google Cloud Platform

The English Cricket Board (ECB) needed to analyze massive amounts of match video and analyze it far more consistently than it could ever achieve manually. Pythian recommended Google Cloud Platform and its machine learning capabilities, allowing ECB to apply AI to hundreds of hours of sports video and expanding the governing body’s analysis beyond the capabilities of the human eye.

Why Partner with Pythian

We are data scientists with advanced mathematics backgrounds, deep machine learning and artificial intelligence understanding, and advanced analytics skills. We are machine learning engineers with advanced programming, distributed systems, and data pipeline building skills. We are software developers. We have lots of business acumen to make the impact. We are AI practitioners, not just AI researches.

Learn more about our expert machine learning and data science services

  • AI Roadmapping

    Our data science teams evaluate your business – and the health of your data – through our battle-tested data science framework, identifying ways to improve processes and solve problems through AI and machine learning. We use our years of experience planning and implementing data science projects to hone in on the projects that provide the most value, with the smallest amount of risk, and with the greatest chance of success. Our deliverables have concise summaries and metrics facilitating good AI investments decision making by the senior leadership.

  • Proof-of-concept development and ML modeling

    We’ll work together to select your most compelling use case our machine learning engineers can then use to build a prototype machine learning model–from simple machine learning models to deep neural networks–using historical data to prove the project’s value and performance. Our data science PoCs always iterate through several feature engineering and model tuning cycles to continually improve performance. We gain more excitement and support from your users and business as a result of a successful PoC.

  • Product implementation

    Your machine learning model is tuned to perform in a production environment, which is prepared in parallel with setting up adept data ingestion pipelines that can handle both batch and real-time data. Our data science software leverages a reusable library of templates and components helps speed up execution when time is of the essence. The models outputs are also integrated into your products via REST and streaming APIs specific to your use cases.

  • MLOps

    Our MLOps services allow you to bring proven agile development and DevOps methods to machine learning lifecycle. We express processes through code and integration of tools in a single coherent end to end ML lifecycle framework. It’s not feasible to have a data science team to follow a consistent lifecycle unless it’s automated and integrated across the end to end data science toolchain.

  • Frameworks using GCP

    Pythian’s data science teams are expertly versed in popular machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Scikit Learn, XGBoost and Keras, along with the most effective ways to deploy them in tandem with GCP AI and ML technologies such as AI Platform, BigQuery, Cloud Composer, GKE, Cloud Build, Pub Sub, Dataflow and Dataproc.

  • Data science keeps world's biggest trucks rolling

    Teck, a major Canadian mining company, realized it could optimize its haul truck operations by predicting failures and recommending maintenance through AI and machine learning. With Pythian’s help, Teck was able to take advantage of vast amounts of IoT data from trucks in the field to minimize costly downtime through actionable insights.

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