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Machine Learning

Assess. Apply. Accelerate with Pythian Machine Learning Services

Use machine learning (ML) across your enterprise—to identify hidden insights, produce recommendations, detect anomalies, evaluate and optimize options, automate manual activities and more. Pythian can help you connect your business priorities to ML projects, implement and scale these projects, and measure their business value—we support your entire ML lifecycle.

The Pythian Difference

Pythian Machine Learning Services for Continuous Transformation

Machine learning requires a team. Our data scientists, engineers and developers use their cutting-edge experience, deep machine learning and artificial intelligence understanding, and advanced analytics and programming skills to plan, build, deploy and manage your ML projects. From use case prioritization, to model creation and training, to operating your models at scale, and post-implementation performance monitoring and enhancements, we’re with you for the entire journey.

ML planning


  • Define business goals and potential use cases.
  • Identify gaps between “data” and “action.”
  • Translate business use cases into ML problems and ML solutions.

Predictive modelling


  • Build ML models to make predictive decisions.
  • Design, train and test ML models using cutting-edge model architecture and tools.
  • Gain transformative positive effect of models in action.

Deploy and integrate


  • Integrate model outputs with various business-critical applications.
  • Achieve data integration and model inference at scale.
  • Operationalize production-ready ML through MLOps.

Manage and optimize


  • Ensure ongoing consistency and repeatability of ML solution.
  • Track solution performance, monitor alerts, refresh model.
  • Feed future model building with solution automation.

Machine Learning Operations

  1. Leveraging best practices for best results

    We help customers establish Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) tools and practices through the machine learning lifecycle–from consistently tracking experiments, to establishing production data pipelines, to moving models to production, to post-implementation performance monitoring and enhancements. 

  2. Manage the unknown 

    Pythian splits projects into multiple phases to decrease uncertainty and maximize actionable insights at each stage. 

  3. Maximize your opportunities 

    With our entrepreneurial approach we can solve your most pressing business problems and find and seize on new opportunities.

  4. Get complete solutions 

    We’re razor-focused on delivering complete AI software and solutions integrated into your business, data, and products. 


See how our machine learning services can work for you

Pythian’s data scientists helped Schnucks develop a machine learning model to predict shopper likelihood to buy certain products. The 12-week proof of concept gave the Schnucks team the opportunity to learn the platform and absorb Pythian’s analytic approach in a collaborative environment. 

Customer Story

Data science keeps world’s biggest trucks rolling 

Teck, a major mining company, needed to optimize haul truck operations by predicting failures. With access to a vast amount of IoT (Internet of Things) data from operating machines, Teck partnered with Pythian to leverage AI and Machine Learning and produce unique actionable insights 

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Pythian Services

Helping you every step of the way

No matter where you are in your journey, Pythian’s machine learning services can help.

Plot your AI roadmap

You have data, but no insights. We can help you discover how relevant business problems can be solved by machine learning. Engage Pythian to complete a business case and feasibility analysis.

Prove it, then model it

You have a clear business problem, relevant and clearly defined data, and ML metrics for success. Now it’s time to build your machine learning models. Engage with Pythian to build custom neural network architectures to test, deploy and scale.

Optimize your machine learning models

You’ve built basic machine learning models, but they don’t work or scale as well as you’d like. Meanwhile, you want to do less manual work to feed those models. Scale up the process with Pythian’s Machine Learning offering

Efficient, fine-tuned implementation

Your ML models are working, but they don’t operate at scale, take a lot of work to operate, retrain and deploy, and your basic pipelines aren’t yet integrated into existing applications. Pythian can get you there with ML Operationalization Assistance.

Data Security offerings for your Business

Pythian security solutions are specifically tailored and are highly effective in meeting your business objectives


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