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Pythian helps Tiny Co. expand operations globally

Pythian has been an extension of our team. I can spend eight hours researching an obscure problem or call them and they’ve probably encountered it before and can fix it. They provide us with a depth of expertise and we’ve been able to lean on them for maintenance and operational support.

Business Challenge

Serving up more than a million downloads a month, TinyCo needed to focus on handling the mounting workload associated with getting new games to market, leaving no time to manage their complex data infrastructure. They turned to Pythian as their trusted advisor to deliver around-the-clock expert support and a next-generation, highly scalable architecture.


Critical Issues

In the intensely competitive mobile gaming sphere, staying ahead isn’t just about developing the latest and greatest game—it’s about getting to market first and keeping a grip on consumers’ imaginations. With the popularity of its games soaring, TinyCo needed to focus on handling the mounting workload associated with launching new games and cope with their expansion from a small shop to a company of more than 100. They didn’t have time to manage their data infrastructure, which required more connectivity and support than traditional gaming platforms.

We Provided

One of Pythian’s roles was to manage TinyCo’s MySQL and Cassandra cluster, providing TinyCo with a next-generation architecture. To address their connectivity needs, TinyCo wanted a more efficient process, with fast, simple, cost-effective storage, easy scalability, and integration. They wanted a Vertica cluster at Amazon to host their business intelligence database. Pythian selected the OpenVPN Access Server as a VPN gateway and created a site-to-site VPN between Rackspace and Amazon, and deployed a Vertica cluster at Amazon.


Thanks to Pythian’s expertise and support, TinyCo’s new infrastructure delivers more capacity, better scalability, improved performance, and easier manageability through a new web-based interface. TinyCo was also able to reduce their licensing costs with OpenVPN Access Server and enhance security from site-to-site VPN.


MySQL® Cassandra™ Rackspace® Amazon® Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Vertica cluster