Telehealth with Google Meet: Zero to launch in days

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Telehealth with Google Meet: Zero to launch in days

A leading healthcare company needed a collaboration platform that seamlessly integrated meeting invites with their proprietary scheduling system, as the company was on a quest to urgently launch their telehealth solution to the market. Once the healthtech company settled on Google Meet, they teamed up with Pythian to provide insights, support, and guidance at every step.


The scale and speed of COVID-19 surprised many, forcing dramatic changes to how we live, work, and play. Healthcare saw an immediate impact; the demand for virtual visits surged. For a leading healthtech company, that meant an aggressive push to launch their telehealth solution. 

In under 10 days, the company: 

  • Chose Google Meet as their platform 
  • Worked with Pythian to meet stringent security and HIPAA requirements 
  • Integrated Google Meet into their custom scheduling application 
  • Trained internal staff 
  • Launched their first pilot client 

Pythian teamed up with the healthtech company to provide insights, support, and guidance at every step. Pythian’s speed and agility, combined with the robust Google Meet platform, impressed the healthtech firm and made a nearly impossible deadline possible.

What we did

Solved custom scheduling requirements with: 

  • A robust Google Meet platform. Google Meet impressed the company with its strong security, network bandwidth, and easy-to-use features establishing a solid platform for future growth
  • Responsive experts. Working on tight timelines, Pythian helped design the right architecture and quickly navigate required agreements. Pythian’s extensive experience with Google Meet accelerated the development process 
  • Unique meeting IDs. Google Meet creates a unique code for each telehealth session, which the healthtech company then uses to populate its scheduling system. This synergy creates a seamless customer experience 

Technologies used

  • G Suite – Google Meet 

Key Outcomes

We started with a small client in the West and were able to grow it to the nationwide footprint we’re at today. With Pythian’s help, we rapidly pivoted and were able to adapt quickly.

– Project Management Lead, Healthtech Company

Zero to launch in days. With Pythian’s help, the healthtech company made an impossible deadline possible. More importantly, they maintained a critical service for thousands of consumers when COVID-19 prevented many face-to-face encounters. 

Nationwide rollout.In a matter of weeks, customers across the country adopted their virtual health tool. 

Thousands of weekly telehealth visits. Nurse practitioners now conduct as many as five telehealth appointments each day using Google Meet as their collaboration technology. 

Impressive satisfaction levels. Staff and consumers find Google Meet easy to use. Satisfaction ratings are strong across the board.

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