Pythian delivers Indy 500 performance to Rakuten Linkshare’s Fortune 500 clients

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Pythian delivers Indy 500 performance to Rakuten Linkshare’s Fortune 500 clients

Rakuten LinkShare needed to deploy a user-friendly data infrastructure that could easily scale and provide global access to data quickly. Pythian cut response times in half. 


Rakuten LinkShare was looking to manage huge volumes of e-commerce data in a consolidated, scalable database. It needed to meet the needs of advertisers and publishers as it expanded globally, and as online advertising and e-commerce grew. Another requirement was to deploy flexible reporting and analysis tools, including a sophisticated dashboard functionality for its business users. 

Rakuten LinkShare turned to Pythian’s Oracle experts to deliver performance, usability, and scalability. 

What we did

  • Collaborated with Rakuten Linkshare to develop a comprehensive implementation and deployment plan; the database infrastructure comprised Oracle Exadata machines with Oracle Database and Real Application Clusters to deliver the best performance-to-dollar value 
  • Employed Oracle Business Intelligence Suite to provide users with access to sophisticated and user-friendly data analysis tools 

Technologies used

  • Oracle Exadata 
  • Oracle Database 
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters 
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition 

Key Outcomes

With Pythian’s Oracle services, Rakuten Linkshare was able to give its advertisers and publishers direct access to data through a user-friendly interface, enabling them to assess trends, analyze historical data, and view the performance of their campaigns in near real-time

0% reduction

in response time

0x increase

in efficiency and query speed

0% reduction

in data center floor space and power requirements

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