QAD reduces downtime with Chrome Enterprise Grab And Go

Company Overview

Since 1979, QAD has supported manufacturing companies by providing them with full-featured manufacturing ERP software. QAD is present in over 100 countries and has grown to include over 1,950 employees.

Business Need

QAD was experiencing downtime due to a lack of IT resources for its 31 offices and 1,900 employees around the world. While traveling, employees who needed a device or who needed laptop repair were experiencing lost productivity while they waited for help. Since QAD prides themselves on having a helpful IT department, this process didn’t help them achieve that mission. QAD needed a solution that would enable their employees to get online and productive faster. They needed to increase Chrome adoption to improve device and data security. QAD needed to achieve all of this without purchasing large amounts of technology and software.
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Pixelbooks were inexpensive options for QAD to use to further Chrome Enterprise adoption. Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise allowed QAD to offer traveling employees Pixelbooks when they need them, where they need them.

Grab and Go With Chrome Enterprise
Grab and Go allows employees to check-out Chrome Enterprise devices for temporary use. This effectively solved the loaner laptop issues, eliminating lost productivity due to unavailable or forgotten devices. After logging into the device, users have access to the apps and tools required for work immediately. The Grab and Go application automatically tracks the status of the Chromebook loan—no asset tracking program or spreadsheet required. Once the employee is finished, they can check the laptop back in.
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  • Implemented a zero-touch loaner program, eliminating the need for IT to deploy devices one by one and easing device management
  • Increased productivity across the organization due to QAD employees being able to get to work in minutes, instead of hours
  • Enhanced online security due to the use of the Chrome Enterprise and G Suite
  • Implemented an ongoing constructive feedback loop on Pixelbooks to help strengthen future device rollouts
  • Increased Chromebook adoption by giving employees the chance to try out Chrome OS
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