Pythian helps online grocery delivery service scale to meet demand

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Pythian helps online grocery delivery service scale to meet demand

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, a grocery delivery service had a massive upswing in online orders. They needed to scale their database systems quickly, and Pythian’s DBA experts were there to help. 


Our client is an online grocery service that delivers to residences and offices throughout major metropolitan areas on the Eastern U.S. Seaboard.  As its trusted database managed service provider since 2005, Pythian supports the client’s Oracle- and SQL-driven data estate from end to end and has helped the company optimize data operations several times 

In early March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic descended upon the NYC metro area and non-essential businesses shuttered, our client experienced an unprecedented surge in online orders. A system that previously processed around 12,000 orders per day was suddenly dealing with around 18,000 per day; in a matter of hours, the company’s SQL server environment was facing a massive 38,000 transactions per second.  

Along with many customers in a very short timeframe, the amount of goods sold per order increased by an average of 5x compared to historical averages—putting even more strain on the company’s systems. 

The company needed to scale its systems quickly to meet this demand while maintaining its target customer metrics, ideally with no new CapEx. Pythian DBAs jumped on the issue. 

What we did

  • Stabilized the database to avoid an outright crash 
  • Optimized the database in its internal and operating system layers to improve performance of existing Oracle and SQL environments
  • Changed internal mechanisms to reduce server load and improve responsiveness

Technologies used

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Key Outcomes

As an essential service facing unprecedented demand during the coronavirus crisis, it was more important than ever for us to be able to support our customers. Pythian not only stabilized our databases quickly but were able to scale them to meet 5x demand with no new hardware purchase.

– VP of Infrastructure, Online Grocery Delivery Service Client

0x demand met

with no new hardware purchase

$0 saved

in potential CapEx costs

0-second load time

for clients using the online service

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