Pythian helps global retailer increase revenue with advanced analytics

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Pythian  helps global retailer increase revenue with advanced analytics 

A global retailer was looking to maximize floor space, gain new insights into shopper behavior, and increase revenue by optimizing merchandise locations. Pythian helped them turn data into insights. 


A large global retailer did not have the internal expertise to use and analyze their large volume of shopper data. They knew they could influence revenues based on store merchandise placement; however, they also knew that purchasers’ reactions were not the same across all store locations. The challenge was determining how to customize retail merchandising displays to simultaneously deliver a good shopping experience and maximize revenues in all their stores. 

The company turned to Pythian because of our extensive Google Cloud and advanced analytics expertise to help them perform advanced analytics on the cloud, enabling them to answer critical questions about in-store buying behavior.

What we did

  • Modernized the company’s data warehouse on Google Cloud 
  • Introduced a cost-effective, real-time data pipeline that ingested and processed a stream of live in-store shopper location data 
  • Integrated all the pieces of a modern data warehouse to enable real-time availability and integrity of shopping data 

Technologies used

  • Google Cloud Platform 
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub 
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Google Cloud Storage 
  • Google BigQuery 
  • Tableau 

Key Outcomes

By modernizing our data warehouse with Google Big Query, we were able to put a massive volume of in-store behavioral data to work to market to our clients in much more targeted and effective ways.

– Chief Data Architect, Global Retailer 

Enabled advanced analytics to help the store target shoppers more effectively 

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No matter your business, no matter the challenge: Pythian’s solutions drive results. 

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