Private aviation company boosts fleet efficiency and revenue with modern data warehouse

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Private aviation company boosts fleet efficiency and revenue with modern data warehouse 

This client needed clearer data on the location of its planes to ensure passenger demand could be met more cost-efficiently. Pythian built them a modern data warehouse. 


To better serve its clientele of celebrities, professional athletes, and politicians, this private aviation company offered bookings with as little as 24 hours’ notice. Passengers were delighted by the flexibility, but the improved service revealed expensive shortcomings in the company’s fleet management strategy. Simply put, the airline did not have enough information to deploy its planes efficiently. In some cases, the company had to rent outside aircrafts to meet its contractual obligations. At other times, several planes were dispatched to one city when one plane could have been enough. 

The client needed data-manage infrastructure built from scratch to get clearer data on the location of its planes and ensure passenger demand could be met more cost-efficiently. As their trusted partner, Pythian modernized their data warehouse. 

What we did

  • Designed and implemented a data warehouse using Amazon Web Services, making the information more accurate, accessible, and secure 
  • Aided in the redesign of the client’s Tableau reports 
  • Helped the client define and realize its vision as a data-enabled company 
  • Identified problems with existing data and responded with solutions 
  • Integrated fresh data from web and mobile apps 
  • Helped define key performance indicators and built reports to reflect them 
  • Prioritized the security of data for high-profile passengers 

Technologies used

  • MySQL 
  • Oracle on Amazon RDS 
  • Tableau 
  • Cloud

Key Outcomes

Pythian gave us more than improved reports. They helped us become a modern, more efficient, data-driven company that’s more responsive to customer demands for even more success and profitability.

– Chief Information Officer, Private Aviation Company 

$1 million in revenue due to reduced reliance on rented aircrafts 

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