Multinational organization leverages cloud to re-imagine its software suite

Business Needs

Our client is a multinational conglomerate that produces automotive parts, electronics and HVAC equipment for buildings on behalf of their their new security products division. After merging with the security products company in 2016, the purchaser discovered that its newly acquired company was getting by with a very old data center. The first order of business was obvious: to move the old inventory tracking systems to the more scalable and cost-effective environment of cloud computing. But the best solution for these challenges called for more than just a migration to the cloud. It demanded a complete redesign of the company’s enterprise architecture to maximize performance, flexibility and security.
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To move to the cloud, Pythian recommended Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With GCP, businesses enjoy a number of advantages including improved cost, performance, security as well as Google’s commitment to the continued expansion of its already massive global fiber network. But before the migration to the cloud could take place, Pythian had to consider how to rebuild the outdated inventory software from scratch. Pythian recommended the adoption of a microservices architecture. Software built as microservices can be broken down into simpler individual services, allowing each service to be deployed and redeployed independently without putting the rest of the application at risk. With GCP chosen as the cloud provider, it made sense to use tools that are optimized to perform in a Google environment. To ensure a reliable deployment of software to the cloud, Pythian recommended Spinnaker, with Google’s Kubernetes chosen as the container orchestrator. Together, Spinnaker and Kubernetes are popular choices for their compatibility and predictable success as cloud deployment tools. They allow the enterprise to deploy and manage applications quickly, and to easily scale up or down in response to changing demands.
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The organization is now better equipped to perform testing and quality control, and to get more efficiency and predictability during deployments. Infrastructure automation is saving time and money by making it possible to create reproducible environments. Automation scripts can be used and reused to deploy exact copies of environments for development, test and production purposes. Infrastructure as Code is bringing the company other benefits, too. The new system provides the security of better isolation and separation of customer data. They can now create isolated environments on a per-customer basis, while still guaranteeing dedicated infrastructure for maximum performance.
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"Migrating to the cloud was just part of the challenge we faced. We wanted to redesign the entire software suite, to make it smarter, more secure and more flexible. Pythian understood the need and they helped make it happen in short order.”


  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Spinnaker
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkins, Nexus
  • Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Elasticsearch
  • Cloud Memorystore
  • Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Terraform
  • Cloud SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Spanner

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