Large personal finance company secures data sharing with Pythian big data and warehouse modernization services

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Large personal finance company secures data sharing with Pythian big data and warehouse modernization services 

A large personal finance company was looking to resolve access, permission, and audit requirements in their BigQuery data warehouse. Pythian’s BigQuery experts had the solution. 


A large personal finance company’s IT Data Integration team needed to build a modern data warehouse using Google BigQuery as a centralized hub and analytics engine for data from their customized applications—as well as data from public and commercial providers. To protect consumers’ personally identifiable information, employees in one business unit normally cannot view or use data assets from other business units. However, two separate business units needed to find a secure and controllable way to share data assets for auditing purposes.  

The access to data assets needed to meet strict legal and security compliance requirements—or risk substantial fines or even termination of the company’s business. The process had to be efficient, without data duplication. It also had to be easy to revoke this access without any traces, including cross-pollination products.  

The company turned to Pythian for expert advice on a permissions model and project structure for Google BigQuery that would meet their need to allocate data storage costs by department, and meet their stringent access, permissions, and audit requirements. 

What we did

  • Provided big data and data warehouse modernization expertise and solutions 
  • Enabled the required permissions for the business units to grant access to subsets of each other’s data to augment their own data sets (after legal review and consent) 
  • Ensured that each resulting data zone and data set had a clear heritage and audit trail 
  • Ensured that making consented data available was a straightforward process without data duplication and made it easy to revoke this access without leaving a trace

Technologies used

  • Google BigQuery

Key Outcomes

Keeping customer information safe and secure is of paramount importance in our business. Pythian had the BigQuery expertise to create a data architecture and permission model to share data between departments, while protecting personally identifiable information.

– Senior Director, Cloud Operations, Large Personal Finance Company 

Increased security and kept customer information safe 

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