Pythian’s SQL team helps Grasshopper scale without compromising customer satisfaction

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Pythian’s SQL team helps Grasshopper scale without compromising customer satisfaction 

Fast growth was putting a strain on Grasshopper’s database infrastructure, causing performance bottlenecks in their customer reporting application that resulted in delays up to 40 minutes. Pythian’s SQL team reduced report execution times to 9 seconds, lowered application maintenance costs—all for only 10% of the initial quote. 


Grasshopper has been making it easier to start and grow a small business since 2003. Since then, Grasshopper has helped over 150,000 entrepreneurs sound professional stay connected by solving issues of time, resources, distance, and more. 

Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser, who originally launched the company as GotVMail, bootstrapped their way to profitability quickly and now drive $10 million in annual revenue. Keeping up with that kind of growth meant being able to scale their underlying service delivery platform at the lowest possible cost, without compromising customer satisfaction.  

Grasshopper’s successful growth and customer acquisition were putting a strain on their database infrastructure. Customer reports were taking too long to return—sometimes resulting in delays of up to 40 minutes—and overall service was slow during peak use. 

Pythian was engaged to audit the existing reporting application and make recommendations on how to resolve the underlying performance bottlenecks. 

What we did

  • Conducted an application performance audit 
  • Identified the application responsible for the performance concerns 
  • Reviewed the software causing the performance issues 
  • Evaluated the data structures underlying the application 
  • Determined that the optimal and most cost-effective way forward was to rebuild the application logic that generates the reports; rather than executing application code, the reports were rewritten using SQL and the underlying data structures were optimized for fast query results

Technologies used

  • SQL

Key Outcomes

Pythian’s recommendations and actions netted demonstrable improvements in reporting speed, exceeding Grasshopper’s performance expectations. 

40 minutes to 9 seconds reduction in report execution 

Lower application maintenance costs; only 10% of initial quote 

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