G Suite makes major splash for Goldfish Swim School Franchising

Company Overview

Goldfish Swim School Franchising was created by parents, for parents, with this goal in mind—give kids the platform to build essential life skills that will help them make waves in life. Goldfish created an inviting and safe place where kids overcome their fears, learn to swim, respect the water and have lots of fun while doing it.

Business Need

Goldfish’s rapid growth created inefficiencies that impacted their ability to streamline business processes. For example, they had two different email systems for their corporate office and their swim schools, forcing their IT department to support different platforms and forcing users into creative workarounds to enable more effective collaboration.

Many Goldfish users were using Drive to create and share content, even as they weren’t able to officially use it with their Goldfish accounts. Schools and offices were in need of a solution that would allow for easy collaboration, low IT investment, and quick scaling as new schools were added. Finally, because of Goldfish’s franchise model, the solution needed to be secure and have a single Admin platform.

  • One email platform for all of their users
  • An easy way to collaborate across all functions and locations
  • Integration with Salesforce for schools and corporate office
  • Modern, easy to use, scalable and long-term tools
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We Provided

Agosto, a Pythian Company’s extensive knowledge and experience with data migration into G Suite made the transition seamless and provided the organization a cost-effective solution, with deskless options for lower storage users. Furthermore, Agosto, a Pythian Company’s robust change management methodology ensured successful outcomes to Goldfish employees.

Why Goldfish Chose Agosto & G Suite
  • A cost-effective solution, with deskless options for lower storage users
  • Ability to extend Goldfish employees’ comfort level with Gmail and
  • Google Drive from their personal lives or previous jobs
  • Ability to grow as new schools are added without infrastructure costs
  • Agosto’s extensive knowledge and experience with data migration into G Suite
  • Agosto’s robust change management methodology to ensure successful outcomes
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G Suite was launched in two phases -enabling one email and collaboration system for all Goldfish users in an 8-week timeframe. Starting with the Early Adopter phase, which included representatives from all major user groups, Agosto guided the data migration and change management activities throughout the project.

Agosto’s technical engineers were able to work with Goldfish’s IT team to ensure users’ data was migrated in a timely manner while ensuring minimal impact on day-to-day workflows.

In addition to the technical components of the project, Agosto implemented a deep change management plan, which included multiple training offerings to address the Goldfish team’s varying skills and abilities.

Trainings included: Gmail/Calendar Foundations, Gmail/Calendar Optimization, Drive Foundations, and Executive Assistant Gmail/ Calendar Foundations. Marketing activities included Kickoff parties for both phases, one-on-one white-glove check-ins on all executive team members, weekly meetings with Early Adopter users, a help site, and swim school packages to prepare their users for the change.

The end result was a well-prepared and enthusiastic user base when the Global Go-Live phase was complete. Goldfish users are now able to leverage a new suite of tools for creating and sharing ideas, whether they are in the corporate office or a swim school. Furthermore, corporate users can quickly sync with the swim school general managers using Hangouts Meet and swim instructors can sync their calendars and swap shifts with colleagues via mobile devices using Google Calendar
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