Pythian creates AI Opportunity Roadmap for cricketers

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Pythian creates AI Opportunity Roadmap for cricketers  

See how Pythian used Google Cloud, machine learning, and AI to allow the English Cricket Board (ECB) to analyze massive amounts of match video far beyond the capabilities of the human eye. 


The England and Wales Cricket Board is the single national governing body for all cricket in England and Wales, headquartered at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. ECB was looking at leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze recorded cricket matches video footage. 

ECB wanted to be able to analyze more matches than their manual process allowed and be more consistent in the analysis. They turned to Pythian to establish an AI roadmap to automate video labeling and expand recording footage analysis beyond the capabilities of the human eye.

What we did

  • Leveraged Google Cloud, Pythian AI Opportunity Assessment framework, and the Enterprise Data Science team’s deep learning experience to experiment with sample data and create an AI roadmap on Google Cloud 
  • Analyzed samples of recorded matches and associated historically labeled events and its attributes, such as start of the delivery, overs, runs, wicket type, ball line and length, to assess suitability for ML solutions and applications of Google Vision API and TensorFlow-based deep learning models

Technologies used

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Vision API 
  • Google Cloud Storage

Key Outcomes

Pythian’s expertise gave ECB confidence to invest in AI solutions on Google Cloud knowing how modeling feasibility and risks stack against potential business value. 

Increased analyses capabilities with artificial intelligence 

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