Elite hotel chain uses data to enhance loyalty

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Elite hotel chain uses data to enhance loyalty

A hotel chain wanted to improve their guest experience by using customer data to customize room settings before guests arrive for return stays. They turned to Pythian’s data science team to help.


A luxury hotel group was looking to leverage their existing wealth of consumer data to optimize guest experience at their properties. As consumers have high expectations when it comes to luxury experiences, the client wanted to deliver beyond guest expectations to ensure loyalty. 

Knowing that guest loyalty increases with the satisfaction of the first exposure to the room environment, the client wondered if they could use that data to predict how to deliver the best possible experience. Great first exposure is more than a room with a fresh scent, it also includes more subtle things such as room temperature and lighting levels.  

The Pythian data science team was engaged to analyze two data sources: the Opera hotel management system with guest and reservation information, and the room data from in-room tablets. The client requested a system to visualize the data in real time but did not have the internal expertise to carry out the analysis. They turned to Pythian for help.

What we did

  • Developed a scalable, real-time, self-serve platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that integrated data from multiple sources and prepared it for user-friendly dashboards
  • Set up data access, analytics and a reporting infrastructure, to be viewed on Tableau; this solution gave them actionable insights on how to streamline operations and refine their services 
  • Used AWS Redshift to stream the data, and Kinesis Firehose to manage the queuing, with the data being managed in the AWS Cloud

Technologies used

  • AWS Cloud
  • Kinesis Firehose/Helper/Agent 
  • Amazon S3 Blob Storage
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Tableau

Key Outcomes

Pythian’s dashboards and analytics of tablet usage enabled the hotel to customize the room experience for individual guests upon their return.

Increased satisfactions levels for guests
in response to survey questions, guests have stated that the room felt like a “sanctuary” and they appreciated the personal touches

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