Elite hotel chain uses data to enhance loyalty

Company Overview

Knowing that guest loyalty increases with the satisfaction of the first exposure to the room environment, the client wondered if they could use that data to predict how to deliver the best possible experience. Great first exposure doesn’t only mean a room has a fresh scent, it also includes more subtle things such as room temperature and lighting levels, which create an impression of satisfaction with the guest. By learning how guests used room services, they could make improvements to operations, better cater to guests’ requirements and inform future marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Business Challenge

Business Needs

The Pythian data science team was engaged to analyze two data sources - the Opera hotel management system with guest and reservation information and the room data from in-room tablets. The client requested a system to visualize the data in real time but did not have the internal expertise to carry out the analysis. They turned to Pythian for help.
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Pythian developed a scalable, real-time, self-serve platform to access data from a tablet in each room at each property location. The platform was designed to integrate data from multiple sources and prepare it for visualization via user-friendly dashboards. Pythian’s data scientists set up data access, analytics and a reporting infrastructure, to be viewed on Tableau. The scalable solution was designed to handle a large volume of events, streaming from each hotel room. It also processed and augmented data to deliver actionable insights in a timely fashion, so that operations and property management could streamline operations and refine their services. The in-room android tablets were configured to capture room use data, and to resolve freezing events if tablets become unresponsive. Pythian’s data scientists used AWS Redshift to stream the data, and Kinesis Firehose to manage the queuing, with the data being managed in the AWS Cloud. The solution was delivered within six weeks. Using the dashboards, the client could prepare the room for guest arrival. When a previous guest returned, historical data could be used to predict room temperature and lighting compensating for outdoor temperature. For new guests, predictions could be made based on averages for that time of year taking gender, home location and outdoor temperatures into account.
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Pythian’s dashboards and analytics of tablet usage enabled the hotel to customize the room experience for individual guests upon their return. In response to the “how was your stay” survey questions, guests have stated that the room felt like a “sanctuary”, and they appreciated the in-room controls and personal touches that contributed to making their stay more memorable. As a result, satisfaction levels are trending up. Going forward, the client wants to roll this solution out to its ten other properties. The client plans to make further improvements to the guest experience, measuring the impact with its loyalty program, to inform future marketing campaigns.
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  • Amazon S3 Blob Storage
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Tableau

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