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AEG Presents boosts last-minute ticket revenues with targeted customer offers  

With customer and sales data in at least five different places, the company needed an integrated view to send customers the most relevant event offers at the right time. Pythian’s EDP helped AEG Presents leverage Microsoft Azure to integrate data from their sales, marketing, and financial systems and create intelligent customer purchasing profiles. 


Ticket sales data at AEG Presents comes from many internal and external sources. Feeds from ticketing agencies like Ticketmaster and AXS each have their own unique layer of business logic, preventing an apples-to-apples comparison among them. Formats are disparate. Trying to manually compile sales, marketing, and financial data from many different places and in different formats was wasting valuable hours that should have been spent in marketing analysis. To get that 360-degree view, AEG Presents had planned to aggregate, clean, and load all of that disparate data onto Microsoft Azure data lake for the purposes of data science exploration. The company also needed to make the integrated data available as an export to marketing systems like Yesmail for campaign management and Lytics, the Customer Data Platform (CDP) AEG was running to create more targeted and effective digital campaigns.  

This was a big job, and AEG knew it. So they decided to bring in the data professionals. 

What we did

  • Helped AEG Presents leverage Microsoft Azure to integrate data from their sales, marketing, and financial systems and create intelligent customer purchasing profiles 
  • Provided a solution: Enterprise Data Platform (EDP), a cloud-native data platform to power sophisticated data-driven marketing operations 
    • EDP cleans financial, sales, and marketing data for delivery into Azure SQL data warehouse, along with a data lake on Azure that feeds into Lytics CDP, which applies data science models for hyper segmentation and targeted marketing 
    • Business logic in the EDP transformation layer creates consistency in the diverse agency feeds 
    • Data also goes to the data lake for consumption by external applications, SFTP, APIs, vendors, and BI tools
    • The solution includes scalable ingestion and processing layers using a mix of cloud PaaS offerings and industry standard open-source projects 

Technologies used

  • Pythian EDP on Microsoft  
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Data Warehouse 
  • Azure VMs 
  • Azure Operations Management Suite 
  • Power BI
  • Apache Spark 
  • Apache Nifi 
  • Azure Kubernetes Engine 
  • CosmosDB  

Key Outcomes

Pythian is helping us get data ready to optimize our user experiences and make our marketing practices more efficient. These insights help us communicate with customers in a more timely and personalized way.

– Alejandro Arevalo, Director of CRM, AEG Presents

Increased last-minute ticket sales: AEG Presents has the customer intelligence it needs for better engagement 

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