Blockchain Consulting & Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Cut through the hype and deliver real business results with blockchain.

If you’re in a highly regulated business where both the traceability and security of data are critical, blockchain’s distributed, peer-to-peer approach may be right for you.

Pythian can help you understand how blockchain technologies can make an impact to your business, applying blockchain technology to use cases like asset management, software provenance, contract negotiation and efficient supply chains.

  • Tailored blockchain solutions

    There’s no one-size-fits-all—we make it easy to get started and iterate quickly with the blockchain of your choice, both on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Integrated with your business

    Merge blockchain with your existing IT assets. Integrate blockchain with your organization’s preferred cloud services to power shared processes.

  • Enterprise-ready

    By delivering scalable blockchain solutions that leverage the technologies your business is already using, we can help you build reliable enterprise-grade applications.

  • Case study: Private asset management application a major financial services company

    Pythian delivered an award-winning asset management system based on blockchain to solve the challenges associated with allocating software licenses held by users at MD Financial Management, resulting in significant cost savings by efficiently provisioning licenses across the company.

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Intro to blockchain with Ethereum on Azure

In this webinar with Pythian's Warner Chaves, Get up to speed on the basics of blockchain and smart contracts, the best use cases for blockchain, how distributed ledges enable efficient applications, how cloud platforms like Azure let you quickly test blockchain and what tools are available to get you started.

Pythian’s enterprise blockchain solutions and services

Our blockchain services are designed to help companies adopt secure multi-party collaboration by implementing blockchain technology based on open, scalable platforms and services to improve shared business processes.

  • Blockchain consulting

    Guidance through every stage of your blockchain project. We start by working collaboratively with you to define use cases, technology requirements and desired future state, planning and architecting a solution that fits your business needs.

  • Blockchain solution delivery

    We apply the technologies and methods that best align with the recommendations from the Blockchain Consulting phase, ensuring your solution is future-ready and can continually deliver value to your business.

  • Blockchain validation

    We implement testing environments for functional testing that ensures your use cases, business processes and smart contracts are running smoothly. Then we run performance testing and tuning to ensure your system is production-ready.

  • Ongoing blockchain operations

    We provide ongoing operations services including continuous monitoring, testing and tuning. This ensures your solution is continually meeting the needs of its users.

  • Collection & catalog management

    Collection management for the private collector segment. Offers a centralized repository of information about artwork or similar assets, including authenticity and ownership.

  • Pythian asset management SaaS

    Accelerates the management of digital assets with blockchain projects like Ethereum. This service facilitates the interaction of asset users, asset owners and asset issuers.

  • Supported blockchain technologies

    Pythian supports these technologies within its blockchain projects:

    • Ethereum public and private chain.
    • Quorum
    • R3 Corda
    • ...and much more.

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