Kick AaaS

The cloud-native analytics platform that lets you Kick AaaS with your data

No more data silos

Kick AaaS is the cloud-native analytics platform that solves the data silo problem. It takes the hard work out of capturing, curating and preparing data for consumption by a range of users and systems. It’s enterprise-wide, cloud-native data integration and sharing made simple.

  • Capture

    Integrates data to unlock all the insight from all your data. Kick AaaS data connectors are ready to bring all your data sources onto a single, managed platform.

  • Curate

    Automates data transformation and preparation and takes care of deduplication, integration and unifying formats—all while enabling governance, security, and PII protection.

  • Consume

    Organizes data for visualization tools, user exploration, and APIs. Users can explore data, perform ad-hoc queries and create data science models for machine learning.

Love your data with the Kick AaaS analytics platform

  • No more data silos

    Free your data! Kick AaaS cleans and integrates data from any number of sources to deliver a company-wide view.

  • More insight for more users

    Business users, power users, data scientists: all get self-service dashboards to freely explore data, answer queries, read reports and create models for machine learning.

  • Timely data

    Kick AaaS delivers analytics-ready data, integrated on demand for current and complete insights. Talk about a competitive edge.

  • Tailored for you

    No more one-size-fits-all business intelligence solutions. Kick AaaS is flexible to fit your unique business processes and needs.

  • More speed, less cost

    We provision your cloud environment so it’s analytics-ready in hours, not days or weeks. And the cloud’s on-demand scaling lets you keep a lid on cost.

  • Hero maker

    Build on your success by continually adding more data sources and orchestrate the delivery of data to other applications.

No more messing around: it’s time to Kick AaaS with data.

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Kick AaaS customers see better business outcomes faster, by...

  • Creating a frictionless client experience

    Pythian’s Kick AaaS analytics platform gave leading global entertainment company AEG an integrated view of customers across a range of different systems, letting them develop client profiles, identify buyers, send ticket offers and customize last minute deals.
  • Getting deeper insights into sales performance

    Kick AaaS helped a luxury fashion brand integrate complex internal and external data for a global view of sales performance, replacing spreadsheets with interactive Tableau reports that didn’t require any expertise in cloud or business intelligence tools.

The Kick AaaS platform on Azure empowers us to, among other things, cut costs, integrate our ticketing and sales data, and better target our marketing efforts.

Richard Battersby, Vice President, Business Intelligence & Digital Analytics at AEG Worldwide

Three Steps To Insight

1. You Choose

You choose your preferred cloud platform

Cloud agnostic, Pythian has locked in strategic partnerships with the best in the world.

  • 2. We Set Up

    We set up your analytics platform to match your use case.

    • Connect our data hub to your data sources for ETL prep
    • Clean, deduplicate, integrate and unify your data
    • Comply with governance and data privacy reqs like GDPR and secure PII
    • Create an optimized data lake, warehouse, data marts and metadata to fit your needs
    • Set up data science sandboxes to explore data
    • Offer professional services as needed to manage your environment
  • 3. You Get Insight

    Your users put data to work.

    • Users visualize insights with tools they’re already using
    • Tableau, Looker, Power BI, Google Data Studio or native AWS analytics tools
    • Automatically feed data into applications like email marketing
    • Advanced users create custom queries on reliable, integrated data
    • Data scientists create models to make your systems smarter cloud-agnostic, Pythian has locked in strategic partnerships with the best in the world.

Pythian’s cloud data integration serves up your edge

Why does Pythian’s Kick Analytics platform keep delivering industry-best insights with minimum cost and effort?

  • We’ve seen it all in 25 years of design and operation

    Big enough to have depth while small enough to be agile, Pythian has a 25-year history of designing and operating successful data systems. That experience underpins the robust Kick AaaS architecture and professional services.

  • We have the technical chops and the business acumen

    Big data, analytics and cloud skills are tough to hire and retain. So we moved that technical expertise into our analytics platform to automate operations and speed time to answer. And when you need customized insight, we’re there for you.

  • We keep it new so you don’t have to

    We’re constantly finding and testing new tech and injecting new technologies and new features into Kick AaaS. Your chosen cloud platform guarantees you scalable, secure, best-in-class technology.

  • Win over your IT stakeholders

    Our Kick AaaS IT Primer shows your IT stakeholders how we deliver on time and on budget as a trusted part of your team.

  • Download our Ebook

    Read The Data Warehouse is Dead. Long Live the Data Platform and find out how a cloud analytics platform drives great decisions.

  • Kickstart your analytics

    Start getting insights from three data sources in just weeks with our KickStart program.

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