Advanced Analytics Services

Inject rocket fuel into your data projects with Pythian’s deep analytics expertise, including data architecture and engineering, data modeling, report and visualization development, machine learning, data science and more.

Get better ROI on your data faster with Pythian’s battle-tested team of advanced data experts. Their years of experience in data validation, data modeling, visualizations, big data services, and machine learning will unlock the hidden value in all your data.

Whether you engage Pythian’s advanced data services as a one-time project or over time, we’ll help you establish an end-to-end view of your customer for better product development, an improved buyer’s journey, and superior brand loyalty.

  • Data you can trust

    Our proven data management and validation methodology includes key business element definition, control definition, data sampling, implementation and control testing to ensure the accuracy, quality and traceability of your business-critical data. This means you can always trust the data outputs from your data platform.

  • business-with-data

    Enable the business with data

    Whether you need automated reports, brilliant visualizations or AI-enabled systems, our user-first agile methodology puts more power in the hands of your users. We enable user self-service, with a range of services that build on the power of your cloud-native Enterprise Data Platform.

  • Machine Learning

    Our data science solution architects, ML scientists and ML engineers build on the foundation of Pythian’s big data engineering, cloud infrastructure, and DevOps practices to ensure the success of your machine learning and AI projects. We offer machine learning model development, predictive analysis, classification, natural language processing and more.

  • Moving your data warehouse to the cloud or already there?

    We've partnered with each of the leading cloud vendors so we can provide you with certified cloud and data expertise to get your analytic workloads to the cloud for better scalability, efficiency and cost control. See all of our data warehouse service offerings for each of the leading public cloud vendors:

Case Study

Before building an Enterprise Data Platform on Google Cloud Platform for a leading data-driven media organization, Pythian data experts spent time with the company’s business and IT stakeholders to fully document the company’s use cases. Pythian then built a data model that would act as a reference as the data platform was developed to ensure alignment between business goals and the technology solution.

Case Study

After developing a Google Cloud-based data platform for a leading luxury fashion house, Pythian visualization experts built custom reports in Tableau that would be automatically updated at regular intervals. This automated replaced a 100-hour-per-month process of building reports in Excel, allowing the company’s marketing data analysts to focus on more strategic initiatives, rather than on report building.

Your Pythian League

Your very own Pythian League is comprised of dedicated Pythian experts who will help lead your project, including:

  • A project manager: From the outset, your assigned project manager continually ensures your needs are met throughout the entire engagement: setting the schedule, working with the team to define deliverables, and regularly capturing and communicating statuses and actions.
  • A senior data architect: The data architect ensures all requirements are fully understood and scoped, and that both data sources and data access are clearly defined.
  • A team lead: The team lead handpicks your team and manages the work to make sure everything is done well and fully tested.

Learn more about our expert data and analytics services

  • Data Strategy

    Not quite ready to jump in? Pythian’s fixed-price assessment explores use-case priorities along with your current state and future needs, establishing a go-forward plan to achieve advanced analytics within 90 days.

  • Business Intelligence & Visualization

    Take advantage of our expertise in third-party BI tools like Tableau and Looker, along with years of expertise designing and implementing human-friendly dashboards and user interfaces.

  • DataOps and MLOps

    We help you adopt DataOps and MLOps programs. Our DataOps services can help align your data management with your business goals by automating repeated processes and building business rules into your data platform. And enabling MLOps practices we help you streamline collaboration between data scientists and the operations team.

  • Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

    Pythian’s data science and AI team brings the right data science skills for your business requirements. The result is a custom data science solution tailored to your specific intelligence needs, data sets and application environment. Read More

  • Data Quality & Integration

    Advanced analytics simply aren’t possible without a solid foundation. Pythian’s tried-and-true methodologies for data cleansing, data integrity, data validation, and data quality and integration ensure everyone in your organization works from the same version of the truth.

  • Data Modeling

    Getting meaningful business insights involves aggregating complex data from across the organization in a unified and structured format so everyone is working from a single version of the truth. Our data modeling experts help you cut through complexity with a complete data architecture from the start of your project to ensure alignment between your business goals and analytics outputs.

  • Data science keeps world's biggest trucks rolling

    Teck, a major Canadian mining company, realized it could optimize its haul truck operations by predicting failures and recommending maintenance through AI and machine learning. With Pythian’s help, Teck was able to take advantage of vast amounts of IoT data from trucks in the field to minimize costly downtime through actionable insights.

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